A hiccup with the CCW

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    When I was 17, a crook across the street talking me into stealing a motorcycle. He had stolen my dads guns once, and got caught, and dad got his guns back. But he rode dirt bikes, and wanted one, and talked me into stealing it. I got caught, spent 2 days in jail, but charges were reduced from grand larceny to petite larceny, and I was given youthful offender status, which meant that part of my record could not be viewed. Well, apparently that isn't completely true. That was in NY state. So now Florida wants to know what the deal is before they can issue my permit. This is the first time in my life since then that this has popped up. So now it's going to cast me $59 to get the complete record to submit to Florida. I haven't stolen anything since that arrest, and I am forever regretful for the things I did as a kid, including killing birds with my bb gun! I don't steal, and I don't kill things, except for the bugs that hit my windshield. So, I'll call NY Monday and see what I have to do. But, it's not really important to me, I've been without a carry gun all my life, never needed one. But I'll keep plugging away.
  2. And hopefully you never will need one. But there is always the slim chance you could be attacked, just for getting out of the car.

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    You'll get it cleared up no worries.
    Will probably take some time though.
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    Yea, the letter says they need to know what the final outcome was. I've just been puzzling over how it showed up in the first place. I had a secret clearance when I worked on software projects for the Air Force, they didn't see it apparently, or they didn't care. Whatever, time and more money.
  5. They probably can't see the actual record. Just that there has been something sealed. So they want to know why. Probably just making sure you don't have a violence charge or gun related charge hidden in there.
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    This is EXACTLY why I can't run for President!!!
    I was one BAD hombre when I was in my youth. I did things that still embarrass me to this day. I would be ashamed to tell anybody about it. So to keep those EVIL investigative reporters from digging into my closet, I keep a low profile. So far so good!
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    Usually in a shall issue state if it doesn't keep you from buying a gun, it doesn't keep you from getting a CCW. Juvi records aren't even supposed to come up in those sorts of things. Hopefully as long as you can get them to understand that it wasn't a felony, and was a very long time ago, and that you've since had a perfectly clean record, you can get your CCW.
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    That's what I thought. I thought I read somewhere that they do the same background check as a gun purchase here in Florida. I've bought 2 guns this year, with no problem. But my FFL guy said the background check was through the ATF, apparently the Dept Of Agriculture does it differently. Which brings up the question, why is the Dept f agriculture in charge of CCW????:confused:
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    In case of killer produce or vegetables:eek:.
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    There was an incident with Mr. Potato Head a while back.
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    Keep us posted.
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    If you can go to any FFl and legally buy a fire-arm, there is no reason why a CCL should be denied.
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    That makes sense. Which also is reason for anxiety, given how frequently these things rely on sense....:(

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    Years ago as long as you weren't under investigation in FL for a felony you were good to go. Things change.

    In MA driving without a license is or was a felony. I know a guy that was denied to cross over into Canada for that in MA. He was 14 at the time!
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    Apparently anybody can run for President these days...
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    Well, I would have to run as a democrat, the Republicans wouldn't have me!!!
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    Well, first I called the records people in NY, and they are sending me an application packet that I have to fill out and return to them. Then I called my FFL guy and asked him what the difference was with the background check when I buy a gun vs CCW application, he just said the dig deeper with the CCW. But he said he's had guys that have spent time in prison, that found ways to get their records expunged by calling the court clerk. So I called the court clerk, and after wiggling some, she said that for a weapons permit, that will show up even if it was youthful offender. I don't think she is right about that, but anyway......she did say the record review "should" show the final outcome of the case, which would fix the whole thing for Florida. So I'll get the packet in 4-5 days, I have to do a fingerprint form and fill it out (a couple days there), then send it back, 4-5 days, then in a couple weeks get my record review, and if it's good and shows them what they need to see, I'll send it off to Florida agriculture people, and then who knows how long after that, I should get my CCW. BLAH BLAH BLAH...what a PITA.
  20. That is a serious PITA.

    I was talking to my grandfather in-law this week end. seems he found out a year ago he is no longer aloud to own a firearm.

    When he was 18 in delaware (63 years ago) he was drinking with friends who were all 16-17 and got caught. he never even knew of a court case as after he was let out of jail he moved to PA.

    He never heard another thing about it. Bought guns his hole life, hunted, fished had a PA CCW permit for 40 years. one year ago he goes to buy a 22mag rifle for busting groundhogs in his farm. gets denied on the back ground check. looks into it, finds out he is registered as a felon in Delaware.