A Joke For All You Military Folks

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    From Reader's Digest.

    My husband wore his Army uniform with pride. One day, coming home from the base and dressed in his olive drab fatigues, he stopped off at the grocery store to pick up a few things. While on line at the checkout counter, he noticed a little boy standing with his mother. The boy took one look at my husband in his uniform, and his eyes grew wide. My husband, in turn, gave the young man a crisp salute.

    The boy was so excited. He pointed at my husband and announced, "Look, Mom, a giant Boy Scout."

    -- Bernice Quental

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    LOL Man that is a good one.
  3. LMAO Thats funny. I guess I am a big bot scout too!!!!! My son just says I am a GI JOE....
  4. Thats funny.
  5. I scared my wife when I busted out laughin!!! Great Joke!
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