A little help choosing.

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  1. I already have a hi point .45 and a ruger red hawk .44 mag 7 1/2 inch barrel (all which cant be carried, not well anyway), so i am now looking for a carry weapon. Which would be better and why, the 9MM comp or the 380. thanks for the help :D
  2. The C9 and the CF380 are the same gun just different barrel and slide spring. I own both and like them both very much. Ammo for the C9 is much cheaper than the CF380.

    Whether to buy the C9 or C9-comp is another question. The C9 would be easier to carry since it is 1+ inches shorter. The C9-Comp comes with an extra 10 round mag and has a rail for a light or laser.

    Another thread on this forum just recently talks about this: http://hipointfirearmsforums.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=5401

    IMHO, the C9 is the best choice.

  3. I have to agree wtih sbroomheadsr about this. The C9 is the best choice, both for price of ammo and the size. The C9-comp is just to big and the ammo for the 380 is expensive.

    I carry my C9 all the time and since I got the Fobus paddle holster for it, I love carrying it.

    I have three holsters for mine, the Uncle Mike's #15 Ambidextous holster with the extra mag pouch, an Uncle Mike's #15 shoulder holster and now the Fobus paddle holster. The shoulder holster is nice but sometimes I would rather carry on my side. The Ambidextous holster is nice but carries the gun low on my belt, the Fobus paddle holster is the best to carry the C9.

    The only draw back to the Fobus holster is no way to carry the extra mag without getting a mag pouch to wear on my belt.
  4. mind you i live in FL , there isnt much concealing there. lol
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    i would go with the 9mm it is more powerful than the 380, the recoil isn't much diferent, and you can get ammo cheaper for the 9. i can get 100 rounds of rem. hollow points for 24.00 at wal-mart
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  7. ok well i guess its overwhelming for the c9 so im gonna go to the gun shop this weekend and take a look at it and prob grab it.