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    Ok guys, I need a bit of help via some suggestions for a business name. First off, pending approval of a FFL liscense I will be opening my own online firearms store shortly after the beginning of the year.

    Initial plans are to carry most standard brands and manufactures of pistols and rifles. Sales will be largely done online.

    The plan so far pending any future legislation would be to begin producing my own line of firearms within 1 to 3 years. Beginning quite possibily with reasonably priced ar-15 variants and hopefully some nice carbine options based on our own design. I dont want to be the next guns america, I want to be the next Ruger or Smith and Wesson.

    So, in waiting for the application process I am about to begin designing my website within the next week or two. I am wanting some suggestions for a name. I need something classic, easy to remember, and a name that can be synonomous with economical, quality american made firearms. I was thinking Moutain Arms, Mountain Armory, or some variant of that since I am located in the Mountains of East Tn.

    So, if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to throw it out there.
  2. Smokey Mountain Arms , Hill Top Armory .

  3. "It's Fer Squirrels N' Such"
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    Thank you for the valuable contribution
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    I had thought about Smokey Mountain Arms, but I honestly dont know if it would make any sense to people outside of the southeast.
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    I like it, definitely a possibility.
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    Oh god, what did I start :lol:
  8. "Poodle Shooters N More"

    sorry, could not resist...:)
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    Poodle shooters n' more sounds good, seeing the main merchandise :lol:

    and smokey mountain arms makes sense to me even though i'm not in the southeast.

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    Well, I do apologize then if you were serious.

    I am looking for suggestions, but honestly I do not think that is the type of name I am looking for. I cant see anyone saying to themselves " I want to go to the local gun store and pick up a It's Fer Squirrels N' Such rifle.

    I dont know what kind of rectal lumber you are referring to, but that sounds kind of scary.
  13. I'm all for anything blue ridge, smokey, or Appalachian(remember kids, thats App-uh-laaa-chain). Being from good ole boone, I can't object to the latter.

    Where exactly are you from?
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    I am just outside of Knoxville, Tn. I do get up near Boone on occasion for work though.
  15. Guns R Us you have to admit, its catchy
  16. Well, how about this, what is a common mineral or rock type of the TN mountains, then add firearms or guns or what ever, examples:

    Granite Firearms or Sandstone Guns

    Then you need a catchy jingle or logo:

    "Good firearms at good prices" or "Yeah, we have that" or "You dont need no stinkin badges, you need guns"
  17. I would either go with a name that starts with an A so you are first in the yellow pages, or a catchy name that makes you stand out from the rest in the area.

    I was serious about Guns R Us by the way