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  1. So I'm thinking about getting a Used Kimber Ultra Carry II from a man near by at a good price. I was wanting to know if any of you fine people have experience with this same exact model cause the reviews I read online in some instances was not the best. A lot of people say they are rocky before the 500 round break in period. So please any info is appreciated. It's the 3 inch model in stainless.
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    No experience with it, but if there's a range near see if he'll let you try it out. I've been burned on a few private purchases. Just got lucky enough to get them working.

  3. Yeah I'm worried cause this 1911 has mixed reviews. It looks like it's in great shape though so who knows maybe I'll fire a couple of boxes
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    Be aware that the good price maybe exactly because of your concerns. As in.....he doesn't like the gun.
    Depending on the price maybe negotiate you meet at a range and try it.
    Make sure you run a couple of mags through it.
  5. Yeah I'm just considering buying another pocket rocket. I've been looking at a Kahr CW380 in tungsten or burnt bronze so I might just do that in stead, don't know if I want two 380 ACP though. But in all honestly I just love the smaller pistols such a breeze to carry
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    Before I say anything are you actually buying a gun for carry or range/HD use?
  7. All my guns are carry guns
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    The CW380 only comes in two tone with a black or purple frame. The CW9, CW40, and CW40 can be had in burnt bronze. None come in tungsten, but you can get a CW9 in cobalt blue.

    Friend has a Kimber, I don't know the model number. It actually runs well with the 45acp and 22lr conversion. Like you, I have read varying reports on them. I agree with shooting it first.

  9. If you look on Buds they have the CW380 in Burnt Bronze and Tungsten just look it up on google or YouTube. I'm in all honestly gonna say forget the Kimber and just get another Kahr. Kahr his build a great reputation with me.
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    When I saw your post I went straight to the Kahr web site. They only show the Black and purple. After I saw your reply I went to Buds, and yep, they have them. Guess Kahr needs to update their sight!.

  11. Yeah I never check that sight it sucks lol here's what I bought ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1450315420.113275.jpg