A Little Home Defense

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  1. Okay I just finished my 995 conversion and I knew once I posted that it was finished I’d get hammered with “where’s the pictures†so I got my whole home defense package together. My wife and oldest son are way into karate (she can kick my butt!).
    Anyway here they are the wife nunchaku’s, her steel dragon, her stun gun and trophy’s and our big box of ammo plus a few guns in no real order :)

    Hi-Point 995, ATI stock modified 9mm
    Hi-Point 45 ACP
    Hi-Point 40 S&W
    Hi-Point C9 9mm
    Savage 30 series A 12 gauge pump
    Savage Model 5 22 LR
    Winchester Model 94 30-30
    S&W 38 special snub revolver
    Rossi 38 special revolver
    Young American 32 revolver
    North American Arms 22 revolver
    RG 22 Revolver (junk)
    Taurus 38 ultra-lite snub revolver
    Taurus PT 111 9mm auto
    Armi-Gelesi-Brescia Bravetto 25 auto
    Colt Mustang 380 auto
    Llama Micromax 380 auto


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    ... nunchaku and no katana?! I guess you didn't hear about the kid who defended his PS3/home with one the other day.
  3. go to swordforuminternational - I can think of no better resource when it comes to swords.
  4. Please PM me your address......... so I can avoid your house at all costs!!! :lol:

    Man, that's a sweet collection!
  5. within 30 yards of your house need to have signs of "No Smoking Zone". lol
  6. Don't really care for AK's or SKS's, would love to have a Bushmaster or Colt AR but really hard to explain to the law why I shot a guy 200yards away "well officer her had a really big knife and he was looking at me really mean, I know he was on the next block down but he might be an olympic sprinter" don't think it would fly. The 995 if a great 25 yard gun and it looks so cool!

  7. Dude, that's a great collection, and a beautiful dog.
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    I'm jealous

    Very nice collection. I guess I need to rathole some more money.
  9. I believe a good dog is the number one ingredient when you're serious about home protection. We used to have a German (straight from Germany for a county PD) that was an absolute alarm, to a fault. Living in town one has to expect people to walk on the street. We were never able to convince her that was normal though, lol.
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    Beautiful animal. Our local PD has a male Malinois. He is the coolest dog. He will play and roll around on the ground with you. But when the officer says something he listens. He has 2 personalities. One is all business and the other is party dog. BTW nice collection of hardware. I want to keep on your good side.
  11. forget the "no trespassing" signs or the "no smoking" signs, just put up a couple of signs up with that picture and the words "Bring It, They're always Loaded" and you'll never have a problem with home security!
  12. I'll tell ya'll one thing, I have a Hi-point C9, a pheonix arms HP22, a Lorcin L380, a mossberg mod. 190 16 ga bolt action shotgun ( and I'm currently trying to rebuild a star arms mod. 30 and a marlin -Glenfield mod. 60) but the best home defense is my 2 year old 90 Lb. boxer/Mastiff Rebel. plus as a bonus, I haven't had a Jehovahs witness knock on my door in a year and a half...
  13. Great collection, and good looking dog!