A NEW and different look for the 4095TS

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    Here is one of our 4095TS models with a different twist...upper section of the plastic fore-end removed...now it looks more like the "Original" 4095....kind of in the middle I would say. I have one of our LongShot Integrated Shroud / rails that has been modified a bit. The rear keyed section (hidden in place in the fore-end) was modified to allow the front stock bolt to pass thru it, thereby securing the lower fore-end section to the barrel via the shroud. Very secure and stable...and different looking, too. Setting it up this way allows us to put one of our short Low-profile aluminum top rails on the receiver. Add an aftermarket flip-up sight in the back and it aligns perfectly with the factory front sight. And the front mounted lower laser is as secure and stable as you could ever ask for. Folding front handle was taken apart and sanded "square" and re-fitted with NO MORE LOOSE WOBBLE. That sloppy fit drove me crazy, and it was a seriously easy fix. Mounted it onto one of our Aluminum Lower rails and now this gun has lost that cheap, throw-away feel. When everything fits right and feels less "plastic-like" the whole gun really comes together as something to be taken much more seriously. Les us know what you guys think of the attached photos.

    In a sudden "aha" moment, we also realized that when we have one of our barrel shrouds in place, you can use any one of our picatinny top rails, from the short 5.3" long ones to the full length 15.4" long rails. The reason being that the barrel shroud prevents the upper fore-end from sliding forward...and it remains locked in place. Without a barrel shroud you need to use one of the longer top rails because they screw into the upper fore-end to hold it in place. A shroud eliminates the need for that screw. Duh! But maybe a lot of you guys already knew that. For some reason, nobody here ever noticed this.
    It was just too obvious. So, I included pics of the gun both with, and without the upper fore-end in place. Maybe you'll like the look, and maybe you won't. Me...I like it.

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    Thats actually a pretty cool look. I like it.