A new horse in the stable... (AR-10)

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    So, I finally have pictures up of my new rifle. It's an Armalite DEF-10, a lightweight "Budget" AR from Armalite. It's got a 16" chrome-lined barrel and weighs in at 7.9lbs bare. With my sling (.5lbs) scope (1.75lbs) and loaded 20-round magazine (1.0lbs) the total weight comes out to just over 11lbs. It's no lightweight, but still bearable. The scope mount is super-hefty at around 3/4 lb, so I'm considering getting some lighter weight rings and saving some weight there.

    Accuracy is acceptable. It's no match rifle, and the chrome lined bore limits it's potential somewhat, but it'll do minute of bad guy out to significant range. I've been able to do 1-1.5MOA groups with handloads. The scope has been a 1-6X Primary Arms, and the handloads have been hunting-style (Hornady SST) rather than match-grade, so I'm sure the gun can do better under the right circumstances. I'm actually working on some really cool statistical analysis of accuracy, and now that I have a chronograph, things should really take off in the spring when it's warm again. Stay tuned if you want to nerd out with me!

    It's been dead-nuts reliable, but I've also been pretty religious about cleaning it. I don't clean it after every outing, but it doesn't go much past 40 rounds before a good cleaning, and in the beginning break-in it was a cleaning every outing.

    The stock is light and alright, but gives me some cheek slap issues, so I'll be swapping that out eventually, I think. For now, it's perfectly functional, and I'd probably like it a lot better on a .223

    I tend to focus on the negative in reviews, but I really love this gun. It's recoil is startlingly mild for a .308, and I could shoot it all day and still be comfortable. It's got plento of power with 20 semi-auto rounds on tap, and uses cheap and excellent Magpul magazines. It's familiar to AR users in terms of cleaning and manual of arms (the only difference is that there's a firing pin return spring and the cam pin does NOT need to be rotated 90 degrees for removal.) It's well worth the money, and I'm pretty tickled to actually own an Armalite.

    Without further ado, here's the pics: The boyfriend took some gorgeous pics, and I went and ruined them by blocking out the serial number in MS Paint.



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    Looks good Branth. As you hand load you might want to try some 168 gr BTHP for accuracy.

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    It looks like Sierra 155gr Palma bullets will match my reticle with a mild load, so I'll definitely be trying those, but I'll be sure to test out some 168s as well!
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    1"-1 1/2" ain't shabby at all B!...... Like you said, that's plenty accurate to pretty good range!..... Looks really nice.
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    I think it is funny when people look down on the Armalite AR's when it was Armalite that created the AR.

    Most idiots think AR stands for "Assault Rifle" when it's actually from Armalite before Colt bought the design. :rolleyes:

    Looks like a beautiful rifle. Hope it works well for you!
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    Very nice !! :) , you're going to like that AR 10 . The one thing I would change if that was my rifle would be the scope . Since the AR10 is capable of a 800 plus yrd shot I would go to a scope magnification of 6-24x50 .This is a dedicated 1k yrd optic

    I'm right now looking at AR 10's and it will be a dedicated long range platform with all the parts needed to do the job .plus that scope I mentioned I could still hit targets from CQB out to 100 yrds