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    This forum has a lot of sections and a lot of great information. One thing it seems to be missing is an optics section. It isn't a huge topic on this forum, but would be useful for those of us that are looking for new optics, or to improve our knowledge and use of our current optics.

    Having one central location we could visit to find useful information of optics and related topics would be so nice. We could also discuss other related issues, such as the latest bi-pods, and best shooting practices.

    I feel safe in saying that at least a few people on this forum have more than enough knowledge of optics we could all benefit from it.

    A place for organized reviews and such...

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    Not sure why I didn't see that thread before posting mine. But that still isn't an answer to my topic.

    Bushman said you can only put optics on the carbines, referring to Hi Points. However many of us own other brands of firearms.

    (turns off the "Survivor" music"

  3. I gotta side with Andrew on this. ive got a remington 710 30.06 with a scope i know nothing about!!! I know the scope is sighted in but what are the benifits of that kind, or of others??

    I do think that a optics section would be really sweet.
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    I just purchased a new Savage 110 in 30-06 and spent a good 3 days researching information on what scope and base and rings to go with. It seemed the more questions I answered the more I had with the limited information.

    After searching and searching I was able to get enough information to make a purchase on the scope base and rings.

    It would be nice to have a place here for other forum members to visit so they do not have to go through what I did when it came time to purchase.