A nice BOV...

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  1. wonder what the mpg rating is for that thing!
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    That piece of crap!!

    Don't get me wrong now but african countries have had mine proof ish V hulled vehicles for around 30 years. they are time proven desighns and don't cost a million+ each.

    Just another big gov contract.

    do you know the history ofthe BRADLY FIGHTING VEHICLE.

  3. ^ truf.

    I would loove to have a DPV.
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    Ill order one but wont be able to pay for it till payday.The wife wants one too.Do they come in two tone purple?
  5. Two tone purple :lol: put some gold spinning rims on it and that will be the next big thing in rap videos.
  6. I was looking at a site that sold semi auto versions of machine guns, and they had a US military 2 1/2 ton truck for 5 grand. If a person had the money, that would be a good truck to have.
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    DANG!!!That was sweet!
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    That is very true Thayldt21 - the South Africans developed a whole family of V hulled "mine resistant" vehicles back in the late 70's and early 80's based upon their experience gained during deep penetration raids into Angola and while operating against SWAPO guerillas in South West Africa (now Namibia). Even the Rhodesians developed some of their own mine resistant vehicles - on a totally shoestring budget - to counter devices placed by ZAPRA and ZIPRA guerillas earlier than that.
  10. It's still cool, sheesh!
  11. Wow! That's um...very angular. Lots of heavy metal....If it came in black....it'd look a Hi-Point JOKE.

    Impressive, tho. WOuldn't Bug Out very far tho if the oil pipelines were cut.
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    That GMC is sweet SAGO. They had that on Mythbusters last week (fish in a barrel episode) Jaime blew the crap out of a 55gal drum with that mini-gun.

  13. and road rage takes on a new meaning

    are you kidding that thing doessnt get MPG's it get GPM's :shock: deosnt change the fact that i would love to have one...................wonder if they will take a post dated check the year 3229
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    wow, that takes concealed carry to a new level
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    I'd hate to be the guy who had to wax that thing, or the first one out the passenger door to a rain of hot brass. ouch
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    I could live in it.
  17. Now THAT my friends is a Pimped out Ride!
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    the only reason I read this whole thread was to see if someone beat me to the GPM jab....... :cry: