A picture of my JHP .45ACP and a report

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    This is my oldest daughter/child. She digs hunting and shooting with me.
    Well I fired 100 rounds of American Eagle 230 grain FMJ's and eight rounds of Winchester 230 grain JHP (Personal Protection) today.
    Not only was there no problems at all but the pistol was a pleasure to shoot. Now all I need to do is work on my mechanics/form to get at least as half as good a shooter as the pistol shoots.
  2. Get them started young. i love my jhp. Of course everyone on this forum knows i have a man crush on anything .45 ACP.

  3. beautiful little girl. i don't appreciate the pic though.
  4. I am not much of a photographer. Next time I'll try to take and post a better picture.
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    Start them young.
  6. I would rather see a child started out on gun safety young than hear of a teenager who was never taught being killed in a preventable gun accident.
  7. I have no problems with starting them young. Education needs to begin ASAP. That isn't the point. No way that little sweetie understands what she is holding is not a toy. It's great because daddy loves the toy. A child need not handle a firearm until the fear (respect) of power, comprehension of power, ability to contain the power, and intellect to use the power properly. Just my opinion.
  8. I respect your opinion, and agree with you.

    When they are young like this little lady, you teach them that it is not theirs and not to pick it up and make darn sure they understand that they will get a spanking if they do not listen to you.

    Then you make sure to keep it put up high until they get a little older ;)
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    i woulda have at least not put a mag in it... viewers would have no idea if you were responsible and left it unloaded.. or not. could give some ppl a bad idea of what youre really doing.
  10. Hold on there friends and I mean friends. Everyone just mellow out a little here.
    Yep my daughter is only a little older than 3 years old. But she does know a few things about guns/firearms.
    She knows they are not toys, and by the way she will never have or own or play with a toy gun.
    She knows what dead means or at least has a real fair idea what dead means. She has been with me to learn that shooting guns makes turkeys, deer, small game dead for sure, not to mention we do not shoot baby animals or momma animals with babies.
    She knows not to touch any firearm that papa or mommie has not handed her. She cannot yet work the actions on most of my guns but knows that we check to see that they are unloaded before we do anything else with the gun.
    She does know a few more things but I believe you all are getting the point.
    Both of my children (both daughters) were given parts/pieces of various firearms to handle and look at ,not play with, while either my wife or I were there with them since they were able to grasp things.
    And I know that a gun is not a toy too.
    I hope no one is offended by my reply and I honestly am not offened by anyones reply here either. :D

    If this thread starts to go bad then moderators please delete it, don't want folks getting upset with each other here because of a picture or my family standards.

    P.S. Doesn't anyone want to make a comment on what I wrote about my shooting experience today?
  11. Glad to hear that your pistol shot great and that you were happy with it.

    I also think that firearm safety starts early, that way they grow up respecting them.
  12. No prob, big fella. I just have a very strong difference of opinion. Welcome to the HP family and I hope you enjoy the firearm as much as we do.

    Please be careful with that pic as well. It could easily get into the wrong liberal hands and cause you lost of accusation and pain.
  13. I respectfully dissagree. I knew at 5 years of age how to tel a real gun from a toy. i also knew how to check the chamber on my fathers 1911 and marlin b.22. i knew exactly what i was holding. Now i did not have the maturity to wield that power on my own, but i have no problem with that child, being supervised, holding that firearm.