A poor man’s humble collection.

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    Click on the little photo and it will take you to a big one.

    Mossberg 590 12 Ga. Setup to shoot Aguila minislugs. Holds 12 + 1

    Mossberg 500 18,5 barrel

    J.C. Higgins model 20 Sears. Roebuck and Co. There is a magazine cut off switch on this side of the receiver.

    Proof tested 12Ga. - Full 2 ¾ chamber

    XIN SHI DAI SAS12 3 or 5 round mag Simi auto with last round hold open.

    The receivers of the 500, XIN SHI DAI and 590

    2001 Hess Saiga 20 Ga.

    EAA Saiga 7.62x39 #1

    EAA Saiga 7.62x39 #2

    EAA Saiga .223

    Mak-90 milled receiver.

    Bulgarian 5.45x39 on a Ohio ordnance receiver.

    Russian SKS

    Yugoslavian 59/66 with a 4x red stare scope.

    Yugoslavian 59/66 still sticky.

    Norrenco SKS. What I started with for $75.00

    Norrenco SKS after I finished it I just have to get a scope for it.

    Mosin Nagant 91/30

    Mosin Nagant M44.

    Mosin Nagant M38

    Mossberg 42Ma .22

    Charter arms Ar7 with collapsible stock, pistol grip and barrel shroud. I added a recoil pad that I made to make the stock longer.

    Cz52 with a Voz stamp, CZ52 without a VOZ stamp, Polish P-63 9x18, Charter arms explorer II .22 and a J.C. Higgins ranger .22.

    Hi-Point 9 mm carbine.

    My tree stand.
  2. Nice collection you got there sir, lovin that Mac-90

  3. That's HUMBLE?!

    Braggin's more like it! Great gun porn!
  4. I like the addition of the tree stand...
  5. Thayldt21

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    I forgot what I was going to say.

    But nice poor colection. Now go look up mine and see what POOR realy is. lol
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    I wish I was as "poor" as you :wink:
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    How the Mak 90 came into my hands is I had bought a G3 from an add in shotgun news when I got it was a Cetme. The add said G-3 type and showed a G-3 in the photo. I never could get it to shoot right and I traded even up for the mak 90 I like it a lot better. They said I could send the G3/Cetme back and they would refund my $ but I would be out the shipping and the transfer fee it made more since to trade it off.
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    Bragging are you kidding me I have the grapiest collection in my neighborhood. I do not have a twin mount of full auto .30s, no full auto .50 bmgs, no mp5s, one neighbor has over 250 firearms that I have seen. I was over at the house of one of my neighbors to go hunting and was looking for some where to put my stuff the I was going to leave up at the house wile we were in the woods and he said just leave it there. I asked “what if your wife need something out of the freezer?†he said that is not the freezer it is my gun safe {It was a freezer} he opened it and it was full of rifles and shotguns. At last count there was 1500 long guns and 250.000 rounds of ammo in my neighborhood and that was just what they would admit to having. Humble is a relative term where you are I may have something but here I don’t have squat.
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    I made that in less then an Hr. 13 deer walked past that tree in one weekend so we put a stand there after that there has not been a single deer walk along the fence row. But it is nice to take a nap in there is enough room to stretch out in it.
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    You are doing Ok you just need to add a shotgun.
  11. veyr very nice. I'll take the saiga 12ga please 8)
  12. Beautiful collection, man.
    I haven't seen a SAS12 in awhile.
  13. I guess everything is relative..... I had to add memory to my computer just to see the full "humble" collection!!! :lol: :lol:

    Sweet - Well done!
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    Thats one fine collection.
  15. :shock:

    This is my poor man's humble get-around-town vehicle:



    That's an awesome collection! So, your neighbor with the gun freezer, he named Burt Gummer by any chance?

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    I am sure there is more pro and con but I feel that the 500 is a better postSHTF shotgun.

    Mossberg 500 12 Ga.
    They work
    No mags
    Money not spent on mags can be spent on ammo.
    Parts are widely available
    Simple to work on.
    Barrels can be changed
    Some skill is needed to install a scope.
    Will shoot many kinds of ammo.
    To clear it you have to thumb out of the tube and jack the slide.
    A wide variety of barrels are available.
    500 can be found for as little as $50.00
    Will hold more then 5 rounds.
    Deferent lengths of ammo can be Loaded at the same time.
    Will shoot Aguila minislugs.
    Lots of needless add-ons are available.

    Saiga 12
    They work.
    The mags are expensive.
    Parts can be hard to find.
    Some skill is needed to repair.
    Barrels can not be changed.
    No skill needed to install scope.
    The selection of ammo that can be used in them is limited.
    To clear it all you have to do in pull the mag and pull the bolt back.
    You are stuck with the barrel that comes on it.
    Expect to pay at least $300.00 + mags
    limited to expensive 5 round mags or very expensive 10 round mags.
    You are limited to the length of ammo mag is made to use.
    Will not shoot Aguila minislugs.
    Some of needless add-ons are available.
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    I am working on it and will have it done some day.

    No not him.
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    I updated the photos of my collection.
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    Oh my, I have no idea how I missed the opportunity to tell someone they SUCK!
    (I say that with a loving voice and in the same breath I ask you to be my SHTF partner!)
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    I only get paid between $150.00 and $190.00 per week.
    This is less then $4000.00 in guns. Trade up not down.
    I also have every thing that goes with them.