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a question about Makarov pistols

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I was at my local Gander Mountain and they have some Makarovs fo $200. I notice they have a heel mag release, is it possible to convert to a button release? The heel catch was recessed and seemed difficult to work.
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I don't think you can move that mag release, but I am kinda curious what is the best Makarov pistol to get myself, I'm debating making one my next purchase.
Just put a split (key) ring through the release. I have a few Maks and use that trick on my non collector/shooters. Makarov.com used to sell a conversion kit, but they stopped selling parts some time ago.

Bulgarian Maks are the best all around shooters, Russian military are the most collectible and East German are the best made. Avoid Vietnamese Maks they are not well made and should only be kept as a collector piece.

Ron M.
They also had three Nagant M1895 Revolver for $150 but those hve got to be the hokeyest things I have ever seen. You have to unload each individual cylinder one at a time and load one at a time. Would be kinda up a creek if you had to reload quick.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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