A question about the KelTek subcompact c9

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Loopster, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. A friend of mine has KelteK subcompact subcompact 9mm. He tells me that it has been stovepiping. Does anyone have any suggestions about what can be done about this?
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    Im not an expert by any means so correct me if im wrong but I thought stovepipes were caused by the shooter.

  3. That only depends on if the gun is blowback operated. If it is, then the shooter is probably limp wristing the weapon when he's firing it. That's the first thing I'd suggest he correct. Make sure he's holding it firmly and locking his wrist when he shoots. He needs to let his arm and shoulder take the recoil not the wrist.
  4. www.ktog.org

    send him here. Good group of folks there too. It's not another HP level of forum....... but they're very helpful!
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    What is he shooting out of it? Can it be cycled by hand? Will it eject rounds by hand? And is this a P11? Also I would not waste any time I would get a call into Keltec ASAP
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    Ship it back too Kel-Tec and maybe they will actually fix the problem after three or four return trips.
  7. Well, it couldn't be on the level of this forum. I mean, there can only be one "best".

    Thaqnks for all the suggestions. I think he was limpwristing, but I'll let him know your suggestions.

  8. Couldnt said it better my self.........maybe thats why your admin............anyways prime is right alot of people limp-wrist kel-techs without realizeing it because of the size and i guess i shouldnt say just kel-tecs but alot of compacts. Or so has been my experiance.
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