A quick access gun safe for home defense? Just an idea I had

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    So last night I was laying in bed thinking of situations that would require myself to quickly obtain one of my firearms for home defense.

    I have known from the beginning of moving in that it isn't possible with my current situation. My gun safe is a key locking safe in the hallway. I am also not able to leave a gun at my bed side at night as I have young children in my home. I have seen the small hand guns safes with the biometric scanner on them for bed side use, but I am a fan of shotguns for close encounters.

    So my thought was of a slim line single gun safe that fits nicely to the side of the bed. But what about quick access? Just use a simple magnetic lock, that when a magnetic card is swiped over drops the door open for quick access to your rifle/shotgun and ammo.

    So I am far from great with design, but here is my idea ROUGHLY laid out with MSPaint, this is the first time I have ever attempted something like this so be kind.


    I know the photo isn't to scale or proportion but the general idea is there. Basically it would have a small simple magnetic lock that with a swipe of a magnetic card would release, and the weight of the shotgun would allow the door to open where you could grab it and be ready. Also would have a small shelf for extra ammo. The shotgun would rest on the back of the door in some sort of holster/strap set up that would allow you to pull it out.

    If done properly I would imagine you could have a shotgun deployed and ready to go in seconds, and having a magnetic card on your nightstand is a lot safer than a loaded firearm with children around.

    Cost of this wouldn't be that much, very simple design and lay out. Doesn't need to be super heavy duty just safe enough to keep the firearm out of reach but still very accessible if needed.

    So inputs and thoughts welcome, let me know what you think.

    EDIT: I did further searching on the internet and couldn't find anything that really fits what I am going after. I found some close options, but everything seems to require you to use a standard key, or punch 4+ buttons on a keypad. Neither of which I would want to do when I am woken out of a dead sleep from the sound of a BG entering the home. My motor skills take a few seconds to kick in, flashing a card in front of a reader to drop the door is much easier to accomplish in those few precious seconds you have.
  2. Wow, that's a pretty sweet idea :) My only concern is with the hydraulics. Would the weight of the shotgun alone be enough to open? Keep in mind that gravity would be pulling the gun down, parallel to the side of the door. Unless the magnetic lock would also give it a bit of a shove in the right direction to get it started.

    I could be totally wrong about that, but thought I would put it out there anyway :)

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    Hmm good point. I suppose a small spring system could be installed at the top to apply pressure, so when the lock releases it gets the door moving in the right direction.

    Also the shocks would be of low weight, more designed to keep the door from banging open. They could also be replaced with a small folding arm design, like on a step ladder.
  4. Andrew, I think either of your ideas would take care of that :) It's a really awesome idea. Now get a prototype up and running STAT! :D
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    I have 0 metal working talent, and almost 0 wood working. However, I honestly think that this Sunday I will attempt a small mock up with some simple wood panel, couple brackets to hold it together. See what I can do with my lack of skills. Even if I only end up with one for myself in the end, its worth it. It is something that I feel I need.
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    They have Biometric safes out there. Just use your fingerprint.If you could incorporate that technology into one, I myself would be interested to see it come to fruition. :)
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    I looked at the biometric lock option...fairly expensive. I was thinking something like this combination.




    Again, the lock is designed to keep the gun out of reach of the kids, and the 80lbs would be enough force to do that. I know it isn't a card reader setup, but I think in a half sleep situation, I could manage to reach over and slap a button on a FOB.

    I am still looking at other lock options, but this one seems to fit fairly well and won't break the bank.
  8. Looks like you're on the right track there :) No, it's not gonna have the "instant gun in your hand" affect of a gun right next to your bed, but it looks like it will give you very quick access to one. Another idea you could play with is having something like this installed in other furniture. You could have it in the side of a couch, a chest of drawers, etc.

    Not sure how practical that will be for many people, but I can't think of a better way of keeping unwanted hands off the firearm, nor of hiding the fact that there even is one in the room :)
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    As to your lock Mcmaster Carr carry's a magnetic keyed padlock that uses a bar type key no need for a card reader as they won't work if you lose power.
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    I haven't read the post except looking at the pictures so sorry if I said something that was said before..... Great idea, but instead of magnetic card you should go for rfid(maybe even an implant so you would never loose it or just a hand watch with embedded rfid chip you would never take off) rfid readers are cheap, cards, chips and so on are pretty cheap to,electronic locks that will fit your safe and be compatible with rfid reader should be easy to get too... I bet you can upgrade your safe for less than 100$ . You should be able to install everything on the inside. I don't know if rfid reader will work from behind steel wall of the safe but this is worth checking. Normal distance rfid scanner can detect rfid card is circa 8cm/3inches.

    here is exemplary rfid reader 40$, cards are 1-2$ thing if you want implant or watch I don't know the cost.

    Its should be able to work with those magnetic locks you mentioned
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  12. Probably be cheaper and easier to buy and mod a cheap sub $100 gun safe, plus you wont have to worry about welding messups or miscutting the metal and starting over. Walmart sells safes under a hundred bucks.
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    I thought about that a little bit, but at the same time I don't think it would be that hard to weld a box...there isn't anything fancy about it. Not only that but I have never seen a safe as small as what I am going for, part of the project is getting that compact size so I can put it next to the bed, or other places.

    Although I am looking at a lot of different options and haven't totally set my sights yet.

    Anyone have other ideas...keep them coming!
  14. a few ideas i have are:

    1.) put it on its side and have it under the bed and have the hydraulics on the short sides so it has a shorter distance to open and is easily concealed under the bed. the door would open past the side of the bed making the shotty in easy reach.

    2.) only have one hydraulic, on the end where the barrel goes that way there is no way the 2nd hydraulic would get in the way of you grabbing the gun in the dark.

    3.)possibly using springs with some foam in them to try to keep them quieter instead of hydraulics. you don't want to give away your position with noise, but you also don't want to have to wait a few extra seconds in case you don't have them.

    just something to think about
  15. Ari

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  16. put it on the BACKSIDE of your nightstand by the bed. slide the nightstand closer to the wall. you would be the only one who knew where it was. and it would be right there in case you needed it. this is an idea i was playing with. but your card reader gunsafe looks cool too!!
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    Hmm...they don't have cost listed on the website. But even the 48" shotgun case still uses a key, and that is what I am trying to get away from. However if they are low cost enough I could always order one and than swap out the door or lock with the RFID and magnetic lock...
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    I like the idea, especially since biometric isn't an option for me. (no prints=no recognizable lock). But why not just get a regular gun locker and replace the key lock with a magnetic one, and add a spring to the top of the door?
  19. AndrewST

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    Size. I haven't found a gun locker close to the size I need or want. If they made a single gun sized locker I would modify it.