A recent pair just out of my shop

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  1. Just finished this paired set, went to a lovely lady who is going to use the longer of the two for equestrian competitions. I was rather happy with how they came out. I tend to avoid larger blades like this, they are a bugger to heat treat properly.

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    So next you'll be making giant swords like the guy on Discovery.

    Honestly, nice work.

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    Nice sword but I really like that dagger!
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    He's quite the character!
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    Very nice work Jed!
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    Very mice work.
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    Very nice work!
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    Impressive for sure!
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    I know a lass who does equestrian + sword & other weapons. Her husband is a leading instructor on medieval Italian longsword in the Fiore tradition.

    How so? Is your quench bath not big enough or your forge too tight? Or is it just the difficulty of getting a consistent temp across the length of the blade?

    Sweet. Love it. I like the way the hilts are obviously design related but the quillion lobes are slightly different. It's the little things like that which tell people that it's not a factory set.

    Peace favor your sword,
  10. A little of them all, mostly it is getting the entire blade heated to the critical temp prior to the quench. This is a hand and a half sword, so the blade was around 37 inches long (I think?). Getting an even temp for both the quench and the temper is a bear, my forge is not nearly that long.

    The quench tank was easy, just built one to spec with some old pipe and filled it with my normal quenching agent.
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    based on what my maker friends have told me, if you end up doing a few more, you'll get frustrated and either swear long blades off entirely or buy/build a gas oven.

    Let us know which you end up doing.

    My one home-hobby experiment, while it worked out well, convinced me that pros like you earn your money and have to sink a lot of $$$ into specialty tools.

    Love your work. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
  12. I rarely do long blades, too much trouble. In rare circumstances I can be convinced to make one but it is infrequent enough that I don't really have the need to build a dedicated sword forge. Also just the pure amount of sweat equity that goes into a blade this size is nuts! I don't use a power hammer or even a treadle hammer, nothing but me and a hammer in hand and an anvil before me. Someone really has to get me excited about the project before I will take one on like this. Unless you are a close personal friend in need of a blade for a duel or you have 6 fingers on your right hand, don't bother asking.

    Oh and I am not a pro. Just a hobby smith. One day I wanted a special knife and I could not find a place to buy it, so my thought was; Heck I'll just make one, how hard could it be? 10-15 years later, I know exactly how hard it can be.
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    Just call it like it is, a Bastard Sword!
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    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    Those are nice works of art. Thanks for sharing with us.