A sad day for my manhood indeed...

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by Jones, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Well my girlfriend called last night....she got her concealed carry in. lol
    I was happy for her but it kinda sucked that she got hers before mine. :oops: She's a pistol packin mama now. Im in for it. :?
  2. You're still a man in my book. Who else but a real man, would have the b**** to come on this board, and tell all his buddies his gal out did him.

    Yep, you're a man alright. You can keep 'em in this little box, right over here...... :D :D

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    Nothing wrong with that. My little sis has her CCW and carries a BIGGER gun than I do ( A Taurus Millenium .40). She's scary especially considering how you look at her at first and think "pretty, tiny and a pushover". Then she kicks your butt :D

    Although she's STILL complaining that you really just don't have a decent place to carry a gun in a dress without having to give up precious clevage or "rear view" real-estate :lol:

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Hey Jones take it easy! Think of it this way, she is a lot more safer now then she was before. Bravo for her I say. A lot of women won't even think of looking at a gun let alone fire one or even[shudder] get a concealed permit. You are fortunate she is willing to do all this and until yours comes in she carries for the both of ya :wink:
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    its better than getting kicked in the junk... which is what i originally thought when i looked at the thread title.
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    Hey congratulations! Now I just need to get my GF to go get hers. She wants one so she can carry a .38. (Why a . 38 I have no idea must be a girl thing...) but wanting it and getting it are two different things.
  7. -1

    Getting kicked in the junk is not cool.
  8. Boy, I thought you were going to say that you went to a Yanni or Celine Dion concert and enjoyed it.

    By yourself.


    Congrats to her. My buddy's wife got her permit before his as well.
  9. I was scared that she had him FIXED.
    Angel and me took out CWP training together and she was the only woman in the class , and she passed with no problem.
  10. Actually you are safer for the fact that if you walk in on the middle of a robbery, the BG will look at you as the threat while your lady blows him away :)
  11. Uhh...dunno about the rest of you, but I'm wanting to see a photo of Neos sister now... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  12. Hells yeah!!!

    Grats Jones! You'll get your CCW soon, no worries mate!
  13. Uh Oh Neo, now you did it! You know that if a Mod and Admin ask you to do something, you have to do it!!! :p
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    Now, realize she's a stepsister (no genetics between us) but she is OFF limits! You think I'm a dangerous liberal....I'm a regular Ronald Regan compared to her.

    That and if ANY of you guys think about it...I'll hunt you down. :D



    And here's video of her first time shooting with a .40 S&W. The guy in the next bay was being a jerk pulling out a .50 Eagle when he saw her come in to show off and then tried to pull the "little lady" stuff outside of the range afterwards. Bad idea to piss HER off. Rangemaster had to pull them apart and gave her 5 free visits and full gear rental.

    It's only become more of an addiction for her...and she's become a killer shot too.

  15. Hey Neo, screw that, I'll just give you my address so "hunting me down" will be easier ok? :wink:

    WOWZA!!!! What a hottie! :D :p
  16. 8) 8) 8) PMed you my number to pass on to her 8) 8) 8)
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    Ok, Let me say for the record now that I sincerly apologize for hijacking the thread.

    Beyond that, she would simply destroy you guys, and already is engaged to a fellow who is an audio engineer and works for a sound equipment company. That and she's NOT a catch for those of you who are devout Christians.

    Now, moving on to the girlfriend with the new CCW....
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    Nice recovery Neo.

    Jones, tell the GF congrats. I've been trying to convince my wife and sister-in-law to go the range with me and at least get some basic gun safety training. My sister-in-law occasional does home visits (by herself) on her job as a respitory therapist. She has had to go into some questionable areas not that something could not happen anywhere she has gone. Single white female = target. She won't even carry pepper spray. I lost the arguement.