A small tip?

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    Be careful not to lay your pistol down to hard or with too much preasure.. I did this once when putting it on nitestand, what I didnt realize was, that next morning the mag was popped out, I had pushed the mag release button against the hard surface lol... Id normally just turn the gun the other way, but im right handed/right side of the bed.. So it has to lay that way to grab it... Anyhow not a big deal as this can happen with any pistol...

  2. Thanks for the tip.......... really! These goofy things happen all over the place don't they. I worked on my one gun the other day, leaving all the bullets / mags in one room away from the work. I stored the gun when done - then grabbed it go to mall the next day. I CHECK my guns every time when I "pack" - but I didn't this time. I went to the mall with a big paperweight on my belt. DOH!!!!!

  3. good point, you never know when you need it in middle of night and find out the mag is not in the gun.
  4. Good advice... One of those little things you don't think about but can quite easily happen.