A smaller .45 pistol

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  1. Granted I know they're blowback but oy, the .45 HP is the same size as my 1911. I'm a .45 guy and am in the market for a CCW but size and budget is making go towards the 9mm and the C9. Seems to be a good pistol and enough people have died from 9mm that I'm not worried about it somehow being an under performer.

    However a compact version of the .45 would be great. Maybe even just a shorter barrel and get rid of the damn ugly extension on the bottom of the mag. Something along the lines of C9 size but firing .45.
  2. Armscor has a Colt Defender / Kimber Ultra Carry / Springfield EMP sized .45 they make in steel. It's sold under their RIA brand. I've seen them at gun shows and I think it's a bit heavy for its size but the extra weight should help recoil a bit. Since I've never fired one I can't comment on dependability. I do have a government sized Armscor .45 and everyone I've let fire it has liked it. It feeds whatever you put in the magazine. If all Armscor products are like mine, I'd never feel disadvantaged.

    Sarco lists the small .45 for $340.00 See link:


    If you decide to buy one, be sure and post a range report!

  3. Yeah, Armscor makes some good stuff and their factory support, like HP's, is great. Love my RIA.

    Kinda looking for something double action and also cheaper...hard to gather up $340 any more unfortunately. Damn hard to find now too. Used to be the compacts and midsize RIA's were all over the place but now it's fullsizes and nothing but.
  4. Have you seen one of these? I held it at a gun store and was amazed at how small and light it was. I bet it kicks like a mule. It was smaller and lighter than my G26 if I remember correctly.

  5. That Warthog kinda reminds me of the old Detonics .45acp, itty bitty .45's made for concealed carry but were a real handfull when you actually had to shoot them.

    As far as a smaller HiPoint .45, not sure it's feasible due to the blowback recoil system. The blowback guns need all their current slide weight to operate safely so I would not be looking for a smaller HiPoint .45 anytime soon.

  6. A friend has one of those Warthogs. NICE gun.

    However notice I said I was on a budget? $740 is the majority of my mortgage payment every month...not paying that much for a pistol.
  7. Try a commander sized RIA.
    I stay away from the sub compact 1911's.
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    EAA makes a compact 45 for about $345 range maybe a bit more. star had a real nice compact 45 to but not sure if they are still made. Now as much as i would like a hp 45 to be smaller i don't think it will happen anytime soon.
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    Check out the amt backup!!
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    if hipoint made a compact 45, that would be sweet. 8 round mag, no mag extension, 3.75" barrel..
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    Bring that baby on!
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    Gun salesman of the year!!! BARACK HUSSIEN OBAMA!!!! Everything concealible is in short supply.
  14. Pssssst...that post is over a year old.