A split in the forums?

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    Here is my idea, keep the general firearms section of the forum open to the public, similar to a noob proving ground, then have another area for people with say over 100 posts or similar. This area would be for those who are friends, in a manner of speaking. I suggest this because this is a small tight community and socializing is fun with people whom you get along with. this also keeps random people from finding out a little too much info about the members i.e. i know that one of the members is moving to Tuscon, and that about 5-6 members myself included live in AZ. This isn't super important info but its info that isn't needed for the general public. It still allows us to talk about hi points but it also allows us to be social. what do you guys think?
  2. It's a good idea in theory, but I can see some problems. Someone knows they are being excluded they may be offended OR they may make meaningless posts just to raise the post count. Plus where to drawl the line of when you would get access. I can make over 100 posts in a good night, BUT for other members who arn't so talkitive, they may take much longer. If anything it would have to be based on both time and post count to ensure no post whoring. But all in all, I don't see a need for it at this point. I have been gone for a couple weeks, but still know of no troll problems or any real reason to warrant this proposed segregation. No offense, just my open honest opinion.

  3. I agree with Taurus on this one. Who is to say who belongs in the "in crowd" and who doesn't belong? Sorry, I don't think this is a good idea at this time. Maybe when we get bigger it might be an option.
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    Some of the forums im on have a forum that is hidden but only due to the content in it being something that you need to be 18 or older to see.
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    There is none of that here.
    I agree, that if anyone chooses to join, and view it, then they abide by the rules of conduct.
    I also agree, segregating it is not good, for the reasons stated. On the idea that some people might be nosy: Hey, its the internet. Dont post what you dont want anyone to know about. Not trying to offend anyone by that, but its the truth.
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    none taken man. I threw the idea out there just as an idea. If you notice i haven't even hit the 100 anyway (no let me in i came up with it!!!) the reason i was suggesting this is first so we maintain the proffesional look needed to talk about the hi point firearms and be taken seriously. Is there a way to lock a thread so only people logged in can see it maybe?
  7. All threads are locked to Guests, except for the forum labled for registration problems. Guests can view posts/threads, but can't post until they register. The forum for Guests is there so that if someone doesn't get a notificaiton/validation e-mail they can let us know the specifics of their account information and the Admins can manually activate their account, that's all. Hope this helps.