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Not prolly, but for sure. Florida fires coach Dan Mullen in fourth season as Gators implode one year after winning SEC East

Big time SEC football is a tough "what have you done for me lately" racket. Not for the faint of heart Coach. He'll probably land somewhere and be OK.
Wonder if it’s the new “professional” college athlete thing. Schools that can generate sponsorships can attract players, and you would think they’d have plenty of offers at Florida. Was he outrecruited or outcoached on game days?
I haven’t watched much college football this year, and zero NFL. Just enough highlights to wonder WTF is the deal with all the camo crap on the sidelines? Is the NFL trying to pretend they support America now by trying to look like they support the troops? And they have the gall to put the flag they disrespected for so long ON THE FREAKING SHIRTS?

Screw them. Hard and deep.
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