A thank you to all the helpful Hi-Point owners

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you to all of the Hi-Point owners out there that have been so kind in advising me on questions I have had, being new to a Hi-Point Carbine. I really like the way this gun shoots and am having fun modifying it. Aftermarket is limited but just want it to be functional to serve the purpose yet look awesome and not tacky. You won't see a $600 glass on it. It is a home defense weapon (for me) and am interested in targeting nothing over 50 yards max really. Not saying that is all it is good for by a long shot. I am loving this carbine and am enjoying doing some mods to make it what I want it to be. Thanks men for the fellowship and the advice.:cool:
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    Thank you from the forum, we don't always manage :D but we aim to please ;)

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    A belated welcome!
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    This forum is awesome! The guys here are a bunch of [email protected]#$/ but it is great fellowship. I find myself checking in several times a day when I can. I don't personally know anyone else here locally that owns an hp, so its nice to converse with like minded people. OK, now it just got weird... jk