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  2. Y'know, whenever I'm at the gun shop, I never have to worry about the place being robbed... who would do such a thing? Hold up a gun store? On the other hand, whenever I go to a convience store or some other place that puts those "No Guns Allowed" signs up, I'm always on guard for something to jump off in there.
  3. Unfortunately you must have not seen the other post about the gun shop being held up. Its getting where no place is safe. The city hall in Wagoner Okla was robbed a week ago.
  4. Sure, anything can happen at any place and at any time, but I just feel safer around law abiding, responsible people with guns. Ooooo... don't tell the anti-gunners that... they'll freak.
  5. I get nervous standing in line at banks. Thats why when I have to do "face to face" bussiness I try to take care of it in the drive thru window.
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    Yep, I hear that!
  7. Aint that the truth, I go into a bank and I keep an eye on everyone until I get out of there, and I do it quick LOL
  8. In my town we have had 22 homicides this year. It was 16 last year and there's still part of a week to go. The last one was a guy who got murdered at a gas station on christmas eve. I'm always looking around wherever I am. I wish I had eyes in the back of my head.

    I was walking with the wife and we heard an ambulance going by on a side street, and she said, "I hope that's not number 23." I said "THAT is why I carry." I don't want to be remembered as a number, a statistic.
  9. That's why I have a carry permit submitted for New Mexico AND a non-resident permit submitted to Florida for myself AND my wife....

    That and I won't die for a lack of shooting back....
  10. anyone else ever notice???? I was in Bass Pro the other day, and Gander / Dick's quite frequently too. I feel so relaxed in those stores. With all the people out on holiday shopping and gathering, in those places I was at ease.

    I wasn't sure why, and still am not, but my working theory was being in the company of folks who respect themselves, each other, wildlife, environment and so on. I just couldn't see any one in there at that time, thinking about harming any of the above.

    Not exactly on topic - but similar concept I think, respect, simple respect.
  11. There's a feeling of security. Even the gun-bashers can identify with this: the feeling when you go eat in a resaurant that's frequentled by LEO and you see about 4 of them sitting at a table having lunch. You think, "I hope you guys don't finish your meal before i do."
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    Maybe it is just bad experiences with cops but I am uncomfortable around a LEO. I would much rather have a private citizen with a CCW than a cop. Cops are the number one cause of innocent people being killed with guns in my city. There is a running joke that if you want to be shot you just call the cops. My old boss had his car shot up while driving past an unmarked police stand off.