A young lady demonstrates various handguns.

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  1. condition1

    condition1 Member

    I woulda got it out for her.
    Tube top pilates wasn't bad either.
    Thanks NDS!!

  2. noemad

    noemad Member

    Was definitely worth watching,nothing i like more than pretty girls firing off big guns.
  3. shooting with her would be....mmmm... fun? :)
  4. Man...that was nice some nice sh....shooting, yeah that's it, nice shooting!
  5. p7196

    p7196 Guest

    She can handle my gun anytime she wants. My firearms too. :wink:
  6. Its more fun to see that happen in real life.
  7. That's actually happened to me before, but I bet no one would've enjoyed the video of that near as much. HA HA. :lol:
  8. Same here, almost. Hot brass got stuff between my range muffs and the side of my head. I keep my hair shaved, not bald but short. Damn that stung like a b****!!!!
  9. p7196

    p7196 Guest

    Broom I would like to have seen that when it happened to you.
  10. WildBillCody

    WildBillCody Member

    My Glock allways bounces them off my head also.
  11. p7196

    p7196 Guest

    Maybe you guys have big heads or have your head someplace it shouldn't be. :naughty: :shock: :lol:
  12. nice video its nice to see a woman not afraid to fire some of the big boys and its nice to see she kept the weapon pointed downrange when that hot brass hit her. But she should have let me fish it out 8)
  13. HPHooked

    HPHooked Member

    And to think some of the responders had the cajones to call her a skank.

    I thought she was a pretty good lookin' gal. And she even showed proper trigger control.