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  1. That's from our own GerbilWarrior I believe! He IS da man on the info.

  2. I had never seen this one and thought all would like to know about the founder of HI-POINT, and the manufacturing of their guns
  3. I just read it and thought it was very informative. Thnx for posting it.
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    pretty interesting, thanks for the link
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    that is awesome I had never seen it. Someone had too much time on their hands. :)
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  7. Too much time on my hands

    Yup, that's me....I guess...

  8. Re: Too much time on my hands

    Awesome job. Very informative and not biased either, which you could have easily been. I'm honored to share this forum with you.
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    Gerbilwarrior thank you for the fine info. It was extremely informative and well thought out. It was a pleasure to read. Especially seeing the feelings of Mr. Deeb about the college shootings. I bookmarked it so I can re read it from time to time.
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    very interesting! Thanks.
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    Thats a good read, great info on the "man behind the gun". Thanks for posting that link.
  12. Glad you all enjoyed it...

    I surfed and Googled for all the info, and I'm glad you all like having the information available. Mr. Deeb seems to be a fine gentleman, and I think we owe him our thanks for making some affordable firearms available. I'm glad he is doing well from his efforts.
  13. A very good writeup, but it leaves some questions unanswered:

    1) Where did Mr. Deeb pick up his firearm design expertise? His military experience was in the AF, and it doesn't say whether he learned there, or whether he's a naturally-gifted tinkerer.

    2) It says that he spent several years designing the firearms that he wanted to build, but what is the origin and relationship of/between Beemiller, Iberia, and Haskell? I've always assumed that Iberia and Haskell were existing companies that were merged into the Hi-Point family, but that's just a guess. Were they making firearms of their own design? Did he farm out his designs by caliber to several different manufacturers?
  14. Just a guess

    I am guessing that Mr. Deeb formed the Iberia and Haskell companies to handle the production of 40SW pistols (Iberia) and 45acp pistols (Haskell). This information is on the HiPoint website:

    Hi-Point Factory Service
    Contact one of the following service & parts centers depending on type of firearm you own.

    Beemiller, Inc.
    1015 Springmill Rd.
    Mansfield, OH 44906

    9mm handgun
    .380 handgun
    9mm carbine
    .40 cal carbine

    Iberia Firearms
    3929 St. 309
    Galion, OH 44833

    All .40 S&W Handguns:
    Iberia Repairs

    Haskell Mfg.
    585 E. Blue Lick Rd.
    Lima, Ohio 45801

    All .45 Handguns:
  15. THANK YOU Mr. Deeb...and Family!
    ..and of course, the HiPoint forum. :wink: