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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by osbornk, Mar 26, 2018.

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    Just because I wanted one, I bought a 995 TS today at Rural King for their regular selling price of $269.99. Right out of the box, after cleaning the barrel, it would reliably hit a 4" steel target at 50 yards with Winchester white box. I only shot 31 rounds through it today but I functioned well. I bought a Hi-Point C9 in 2012 as my first handgun but stayed on the forum after I traded it to my next door neighbor who wanted a heavy gun with a manual safety (I had bought a S&W SD9VE). I consider the C9 ugly but I think the carbine looks as good as my S&W AR15 Sport II but not as good as my other 6 long guns with wood furniture.

    I am very pleased with my new Hi-Point and if it is as reliable as my C9 was, it will perform well for the rest of my life (I'm 70). I have 3 9mm handguns and I wanted a long gun that uses the same ammo.
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    Good deal. Hope it works good for you. I just picked mine up from gander outdoors. For $280 plus tax. And it came with a Bushnell red dot. Waiting for time and good weather to get out and shoot it and a couple other of my new toys. To try out.

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    Its a great piece all right. Mine will put them through the same hole at 20 feet.
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    my friend has a 40 car. that cloverleafs w/ 180 gr. ball ammo, stock sights off the bench @ 25 yds. i had an extra turkey scope 4 power w/ a circle around the duplex cross hair. off the bench @ 100 yds. it holds a 1 3/8" groups. it was storming that day, the carboard was wet, and at a 100 yds. the 40's could be heard thumping above the rain.
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