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  1. Scriz

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    Hi Point C-9. At the Marine Exchange here for 130+2NICS. $132 total with no tax.

    Price listed in her little firearms book was $139 for the C9, but she checked and its $130, 150 for the .40, 160 for the .45, and I think 119 for the .380 + 2 each for NICS.

    That about right? Whats the prices in everyone elses towns/cities/villages?

    Chick said they didn't have any instock in the store or the warehouse and to check back on Wednesday. She says they sell about 4-5 a week. Imagine that :D
  2. NICS???????? That is a good price you should go for it I love my little C9. Its a great pistol shoots straight and functions well for me...

  3. Scriz

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    Yeah, NICS. The background check. :) National Instant Check System i think it stands for?
  4. Scriz

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    National Instant Criminal Background Check System
  5. Yeah, good price out the door. Buy it with confidence, but be ready to put up with some ribbing down at the range...
  6. rodka

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    around here they are .380=$120 9mm=$140 .40=$200 .45=$200
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    Very good price. Around here I have one dealer and one dealer only that stocks Hi-Point. Cheapest I could get him down to (and I can haggle with the best) was $200 tax and all. Got the hard Hi-Point case (Nice case that'd cost me $40 easy brand new if I bought one like it), C9, and the normal stuff that comes with the C9. Bit high still imo, but was worth it.
  8. Scriz

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    Well, theres quite a few places around here that sell them. All are over the MSRP except one, which is the Marine Exchange, which sells them below MSRP, which is great for me. They also have a "we will match any local gun stores price on the same model" deal, but no other gun store in the area has anything that I like for cheaper.

    Every other place around here has the .380 for 189.99, C9 is 215.99, .40 is 259.99, and t he 45 is 279.99

    The carbines are like $379 or something like that everywhere else, except at the Exchange. Talk about a deal! :roll:
  9. Here, .380=$100 c9=$151 .40S&W=$1160-170 .45=$181
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    Not to be a wet blanky...but NICS usually is free, no matter.
    That being said, that is a VERY GOOD PRICE for a C9!
    Looking for one, and yes, am finding them and the 995 constantly being sold out...

    I had bought my JHP from the place I got my RIA 1911 from...and the prices here locally are the lowest. And they have gone up. My JHP is now around $180, vs the $160 before...Nice thing about the place I go, is a registered member of MKS, which supports Hi-Point. Others carry the line, and you get some derisement on asking about them. I go back to them for you get no BS from them about ANY firearm you wish to purchase. Its the reason I went back and got my RIA 1911 from them.

    Support local businesses!!!!