Absolut Vodka INVASION USA Ad

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  1. Another "WHAT WERE WE THINKING" moment........this ad was run on Mexican billboards and in Mexican magazines.


    So no one on the Ad Committee said "Wait, do you think this might make the Citizens of the Southwestern States of the USA a little offended?" Or do you think they did it because of the controversy and attention it would cause?
  2. I'll never drink their brand again...prefer SKYY anyways....

  3. I doubt it ever occurred to them that people in the USA would notice or care what was advertised in another country. They seriously underestimated American awareness of the world...

    Epic Fail for Absolut!
  4. Well, the new news is that the ad was run only in Mexico (Duh!) and that it leaked (in the age of the internet, Duh!) Absolut has appologized and withdrawn the ad.

    Which means: "We're really, really sorry."

    "For getting caught."
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    What's really hilarious is that Absolut is a Swedish product, so the Swede owners probably aren't even aware of the dust storm their outsourced marketing firm has kicked up.
  6. As of this week, no. They're now a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard, a French (aka anti-American :) ) firm.

    But, yeah, the campaign was undoubtedly designed by a local Mexican firm for the domestic market.
  7. That what America will look like by 2050 anyways...America is supposed to be 51% Hispanic by then....
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    What's wrong with that? Being American has nothing to do with ethnicity.
  10. Yeah? 25% of those 51% will probably be illegal and not even bother to speaka da english....

    This country will be trashed...VIVA LARAZA! :(
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    Half of americans are anti-american.
    Xenophobia thread? nah NDS, it's something else, something different...
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    Well, if we're going to rely on media-portrayed stereotypes then I have to say that for the most part that people who fly the Confederate battle flag are meth-trafficking skinheads. Note: I'm not trying to flame anybody or start 'something', I'm just making the point that propagating silly preconceived notions is dumb.

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    Damn, I was gonna try the new absolute black.

    But if you really look at the ad it is kinda funny for two reasons.

    1) Go back just a few hundred years and that is what the map kinda looked liked.

    2) Lets jump ahead a hundred years or so, and that is what the map will pretty much look like.

    I personally have zero problem with anyone coming to this country as long as they are a productive individual and contribute to the better good and growth of this country.

    That is just my .02.
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    Please guys leave this topic as a border issue not a ethnic one. Some of the BRAVEST men I met in the Marines or even US Navy SEALS were Hispanic!
    These men may have had Mexican ancestry or Puerto Rican or even Cuban, but they fought and bled for our flag. America might just be 51% Hispanic by 2050 as NRAJOE wrote. Who gives a rats ass? If that means that in the year 2050 Americans will be as patriotic as the ones I fought with, IT WILL BE A BETTER AMERICA FOR IT!
    I drove to work last month to see pasty white girls (and a few pasty white fags) holding up signs saying "stop the war" and "Vote for Hillary"
    I did not see a single Hispanic in that line of faggotry. I did not see a single African American. Just misguided, pasty white, girls and guys that wish they were too.
  17. On the other side of the street, we have had a lot of illegal immigrants from Mexico committing crimes and killing people around the Oklahoma area for a while now.

    They all are not perfect citizens looking for a better life for their children.

    Gotta take them rose colored glasses off sometimes.