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    I just placed an order on hi-pointfirearms.net, and when it came time to check out, of all places, it took me to paypal. As anti-gun as paypal (ebay) is, I can't fathom that they allow a firearms company to use them. It's fine with me as it makes it easy, but it just blows my mind that if you try to do a private purchase using them and put the word gun in it they will cancel the transaction.
  2. money is the grease that lubes the wheels of commerce...
    i guess thats all that matters to them...

  3. That whole "no gun" thing was just a PR stunt after VT. You really think they care?
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    money makes the world go round... its kinda like when someone asks my opinion about building this car or that car or doing this to that. my response is always the same. anything can be built it if you have the money to throw down.

    moral of the story is money talks, if you want something, no matter how rare or unobtainable, there is always someone willing to do it or get it for you for the right price
  5. I just ordered (about an hour ago) some mag's and it too put me right to PayPal. I didn't notice if it had a "private purchase" as You say. What if you didn't have PayPal, WAS there an area for your VISA, Master Card, etc.?
    (in case someone else orders and does not see it either)
    Good thing I had $ in there :roll: .
  6. oop's, I didn't read your entire post thoroughly ab4ka. But still, was there an area to purchase using your credit card?

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    Yes there is on the last checkout page along with Paypal is an area for credit cards. Click on to the CC you wanna use and fill it in.