Absurd or just in need of a mag break-in?

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  1. I recently received a new 10 rnd magazine for my CF380. I loaded the magazine and had planned to leave it loaded for a few days as that seems to be the prevailing suggestion here for mag break-in. Out of curiosity I cycled a few rounds through just to see how the new magazine felt. The new magazine seemed to obstruct the slide about 50% of the time making it impossible to rack the slide, also a failure to eject/feed was common. Also had it hold the slide open after I had pulled the slide back to eject a round, this happened twice in the process of running the mag empty. Needless to say, I was a bit horrified. In it's current condition this magazine seems totally useless. My 8 rnd mag runs flawlessly with the same ammunition through the same gun.

    Do I just need to let the mag "rest" with some rounds in it or is there some clean-up work I need to do to refine the shape of the 10 rnd magazine? Or did I just get a lemon mag? Any one else hit this issue?
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    Be careful.... The firing pin acts as the ejection pin also. Cycling live rounds through HPs isn't recommended. As far as the jamming issue, sounds like a bad mag, as the other works fine. But someone will have a better answer pretty quickly... Welcome to the forum!

  3. Yes, I have read threads about cycling live rounds and it going.....Badly. If I have to cycle a live round I am working under the assumption that the firearm will be discharging, with any firearm not just my HP.
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    Just go shoot it.

    If it acts weird, let us know, we'll help.

    Seriously, hand cycling these guns just isn't the way to go. It just doesn't work.;)
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This right here, your hands and arms simply can not generate the same force of the pistol cycling from firing a round.
  6. Cycling ammo through a gun that uses the FP as an extractor CAN cause it to discharge out of battery... Not a good day. Don't do it. Just go to the range and shoot it. Any problems that occur during normal operation can be diagnosed and corrected. An out of battery discharge could leave a mark. :(
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    Bad mag, get another
  8. Forget about this thread.
    Anyway an update:

    Once I got the magazine out to a range and loaded, the magazine worked flawlessly. Not a single issue the entire day.

    So if anyone has similar concerns about their HP 10 rnd magazines, follow the above advice and put a couple of rounds through it seemed to solve all of my issues.
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    Ajolé to the rescue, again... ;)
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    Cool beans, thanks for posting an update.
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    Thanks for the information. I have been thinking on getting a CF380, and that tid bit of information will come in handy. ;)
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    Just great! More crap for me to remember :rolleyes:
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    Just go shoot.

    It's all good.;)
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    I thought you had CRS...
    oops, I Forgot! :eek:
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    Glad it turned out ok. But with a lifetime warranty, it always turns out good...
  16. Might try de-burring the underside of the mag lips with some wet/dry paper. A sharp edge there can place quite a bind
    on a round that the slide is trying to strip into battery.