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    Thanks for all they help got it all cleaned up and ready to go. my next question was if anyone knew of any accesories to the CF 380 such as extended clips, sights, silencers andything to customeize it. Thanks! 8)
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    Ok, just a heads up:

    You do NOT ...I REPEAT....NOT want anything to do with a "supressor". They are not scilencers, since such a device doesn't exist.

    First off, they are VERY illegal. Second...THEY are ILLEGAL to own without a proper ATF permit (and it's not an easy one to get). Third, attaching such a device voids the best lifetime warranty in the arms market since a major remachining is needed on the barrel, which is not a good idea since the 380/C9 is perfect the way it is. My personal opinion is (and this is in total my own): If you feel the need for such a device, you better rethink things. Yes, the concept is cool but not worth 25 years in Federal.

    That being said, there really isn't much for these compacts. While I have heard some rumors that the 380/9mm magazines are similiar in construction, I haven't ever owned a 380 to test this. This means that you MIGHT (help from the senior scribes?) be able to modify a 995 10 rounder or a C9 extended clip to fit. Beyond that, the market for the 380 is so tiny that there really isn't any aftermarket company working items for it.

    There's plenty of well-fitting holsters for the weapon, and I'm sure there's some vets around here who've got some laser sighting harnesses for it.

    Anyone else have toys?

  3. someone can speak up if im wrong but I think the .380 and the C9 use the same magazines. So you could pick up a couple of the 10 round mags.
  4. +1 to what Neo said, silencers/suppressors are illegal unless you get the Class 2 stamp from the BATFE to own them. So, for the ordinary gun owner, keep dreamin'!

    Yes the .380 and C9 mags are the same, so you can get some factory 10 rounders and have a "hi-cap" mag for the .380... If you call 10 rounds hi cap.... :roll:
  5. I own both the c9 and cf380 and yes the mags are the same you cant tell them appart.
  6. I have toyed with the idea of making a lead dust collector for my 995.
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