Accessories for the Hp JHP .45

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  1. Is there any accessories for this handgun ... i was wondering if you are able to replace the handle grips or any other upgrades.
  2. No aftermarket grips that I know of, but a lot of people use a Hogue large sized rubber slip on grip to improve the ergonomics of it....those are made for just about any gun that it fits. The only thing I've seen made just for Hi Point is the Fobus holsters that fit Hi Points......anything else people get is either custom or they've taken a part meant for something else and made it work on their gun......

  3. that sorta stinks i would like to take off the black side panel and replace with a different finish
  4. Well there is a way you can take off the side grip panels and spray them with some kind of coating to give you a better grip.....I know some people did this on the old forum and even had pictures, but I don't know anymore where that is at.
  5. wish ya knew or someone who did cause i would love to replace them or make them better
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    I going to try to make some wood ones this summer when school gets out and I return the children to their parents.
  7. You can use a drummel and polish the sides to get a little different look. There are some people on here who have done that. One guy polished everything!!!