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  1. I noticed that the 40, 45, and comps have the short accessory rail. Is this rail only functional for the laser mount, or has anyone tried it for anything else? I am considering on getting a 45 (I already have a c-9), but I wanted to put a scope mount on that accessory rail with a red dot on top of the 45. Can it be done? Would it work? What say ye?
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    This is what I had in mind. A scope mount, under laser, scope, houge grip. This is just a rough design in photoshop.

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    I'll just say this about that design you have up, i think with the force of the blow back and that mount being that close to the slide it would just blow that stuff right off of there after a few shots and knock that scope out of aim with every shot if it stayed on. I had a laser on my C-9 that wasnt made for it, had it mounted under the compensator and it just systematicly destroyed it after 3-4 shots so i would hate to see what the .45 would do the set up you have drawn up if you could even mount anything like that. Just my 2 cents, if you can make it work more power to ya though!
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    they do make somthing like that for a glock i saw it somwhere it works with that why not a hi-point
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    I'm not saying its not possible, that just doesnt look practical and consider the fact that .45 is already a pretty darn bulky heavy gun. If ya think you can make it work go for it, cant say i wouldnt be curious to see one set up like that and hear how it works i said, in my opinion, just doesnt look like something that would work well on that gun.
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    They do similar set-ups on many an automatic pistol, the ones I have seen have been on mostly Makarovs and CZ-52's, but the same idea.

    On an semi-auto, there is not really much other choice, I'll see if I can find pics.

    I also have to say, my CZ has every bit as much of a bite as the .45, maybe more.
  7. That particular design I photoshopped is for the Glock. As far as holding up on the Glock, I know first had that there are no issues of the full size .45. There is actually plenty of clearance and it is a safe design. The problem with putting this type of scope mount of the HP is whether or not the rail system is strong enough to hold the mount just like the Glock.

    I hear you all loud and clear and don't want to extract a red dot scope out of my cranial cavity. That would be my biggest fear, and that is why I put the question up on this forum to see if anyone had toyed with the idea.

    The other though is that if the .45 can hold a laser and mount without destroying it, why can't it hold a scope mount that clears the gun easily. I am not saying I know the answer to that question.

    One of my concerns is that the rail on the HP is much shorter than the Glock's. At the same time, it would not be difficult to extend that rail on the HP with an epoxy based puddy (reef or plumber puddy) that is moldable and solidifies extremely well.

    Thanks for your good ideas, please keep them coming.
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    if you try it and it works im deffently buying a hp45 and doing the same lol i love that idea
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    Hi-Point does have a 45 hunter pistol they have been working on. It does have a scope on it...
  10. Do you have any idea of a time frame? I would rather have it pre-done than make modifications on parts not designed for this gun. I was going to pick up a HP .45 this week, but if a hunter is close, I can wait.

    Not to sure about hunting with a .45 though. I don't know anyone who does it as a .45 ACP is not typically a good hunting round based upon its lack of penetration. We use .357 and .44 up here in NH. The .45 is more of a self defense round, especially out of a autoloader. Are you sure it is a .45 ACP and not a .45 LC?

    Do you have a link with more info?
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    I do not know when this is coming out.. We got to see some photos of it in the old forum. Yep it is 45acp you are not going to see a 45LC in a blowback gun. Though many folks don't use it, 45acp will surprise you with what type of game it can drop.

    Maybe someone who went to the shot show can speak to when they are thinking we might see this weapon...
  12. It's not that I doubt the power or size. A 230 grain is nothing to balk at, but at the same time the .45 ACP was not designed to penetrate two lungs for a quick ethical kill on any deer sized game. IMO, a hunting round needs to penetrate 16-18 inches for a quick kill. The .45 ACP was not designed for that task. I am not sure what you would hunt with it.

    The question that can arise is, "What about a head shot?" That may be very possible and acceptable at close range, but beyond 15-20 yards an autoloader is not typically reliable. A hunting revolver can still patter 3-4 inches at 50 yards. An autoloader my pattern 8-12 inches. Combined with a lower penetration, this doesn't sound wise to me. Most hunters are not shooting at 10-20 yards.

    No matter what, I thing a .45 with a red dot could be a lot of fun for target shooting. Everyone claims that the HP .45 is a great shooter at the range, so a scope could make it even more fun. I hope to hear more about it.
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    I do not know about deer but ball ammo out of a 1911 will penetrate way over 16 inches in gel. But that gel is made to simulate human not a deer :lol:

    I have seen a 45acp HP silver tip go through a tail gate in a 1969 dodge pickup. Through the front of the bed, through the back of the cab, through the metal dash and lodge in the fire wall. :D
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    Laugh if you will but I have a close friend that dropped a deer with a HP just saying, maybe a .45acp could put an animal down :D
  15. And I have a friend who dropped a charging moose with at Ruger 10/22. He was target shooting in his yards and the moose came out of nowhere. He had the Ruger in his hands and dropped the moose with one shot. The bullet went through the eye and into the brain. It dropped like a brick, but is that the point? Are you now gonna go shoot a moose with a .22LR?

    There is no doubt a .45 could put an animal down, but that does not make it a hunting round that is reliable to make an ethical harvest. 20 yards is the farthest a .45 ACP can be counted upon to be accurate in a hunting situation. Most hunters never get that type of dream shot.
  16. I am not sure where you are getting your info from. All the documentation I can find says the opposite as to the amount of penetration.

    While certain rounds do perform much better than others, going through thin metal is different than flesh with a high water content.
    "Being a moderate-powered round on the energy scale, the wide diameter of the .45 ACP bullets produces a decreased tendency to overpenetrate, which reduces the projectile's possibility of passing through the intended target with enough velocity to injure another person. The combination of stopping power and controlled penetration makes the .45 ACP practical for police use."