Accidental Gun Deaths at 114 Year Low
by Kirk Lawson

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In 1903 statistics tracking accidental death caused by gun began being collected. The latest number reported, as of 2015 by the National Safety Counsel (, is lower than that of 1903 and, in fact, lower than at any time in the history of tracking the sad statistic. The total number of unintentional gunshot deaths for 2015, across all ages and genders, was the astoundingly low number of 489.

The number one cause? According to the NSC, the number one cause of accidental death in the United States is poisoning. This was driven to the top mostly on the unfortunate back of drug overdose, largely propelled by the opioid epidemic which, all on its own, claims 4 times more lives than homicide with a firearm. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there were 10,945 homicides with a firearm (including "justifiable homicide"). The CDC states that there were 47,055 deaths due to drug overdose of which 33,091 were opioid overdose deaths.

Firearms advocacy groups such as the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation, with their continuing campaign stressing safe and responsible ownership, can no doubt be credited with a great deal of the reduction to an all time low of accidental gun deaths. Why is it then that gun control groups, anti-gun politicians, and the legacy media insist on focusing so hard on firearms, claiming that accidental deaths are such a terrifying worry, while completely ignoring the carnage of national drug overdose deaths and the opioid epidemic? Remember there were 489 accidental deaths with a gun, which would be just 1% of the 47,055 drug overdose deaths but you, safe and responsible gun owners, are the problem to gun banners.