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I picked up a new CF380 through Davidson's about a week ago. Field stripped it for a pre-use clean and lube. I was surprised to find what looks like accidental tooling marks on the inside top of the slide near the breach face (see pics). I wondered if maybe they weren't accidental. Then I figured I'd ask folks who know about HiPoints if this is common on theirs too.

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I'm gonna guess it was just sloppy tooling. I scrutinized the slide more and noticed the bare metal on one side of the slide is shorter than the other (see pics). Maybe the fitter just had a bad day that day.

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I'm not expecting $1K fit and finish on a $180 pistol but the seemingly accidental gouge in the slide looks pretty sloppy—unless there's a reason for it...?

I haven't shot it yet. I racked the slide on a snap-cap filled magazine. The slide didn't go fully into battery and the dummy round got wedged in the chamber. I needed a cleaning rod to pop the dummy out. Maybe the gouge in the slide surface kicked the round in crooked...

Any insights on what this is, if it matters, and if I should do anything about it? I'd rather save myself the headache of a failure at the range if can avoid it.

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