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  1. which carbine the 995 or 4095 has better accuracy and what are the max limits on both ?

  2. 4095 hands down. Better in all regards.

    In all seriousness, it really depends on the ammunition, the skill of the shooter, etc. The rifles themselves will not make as much a difference as the above... half an MOA one way or another isn't going to make a huge difference with what these rifles were designed for. Just my $0.02.
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    Actually, The 4095 is more accurate.

    Thes is with WWB AMMO and some wolf.
    Also with 6" shoot-N-C targets
    At my local range.

    At 50 yrds unable to tell. 100yrds slightly better 4095.

    Anything past this and it is a run away with the 4095.

    Also the larger grain rds of the 4095 are less effected by the high winds.

    This is a buddy buddy contest I had with some guys that live in my area and use the same range.

    Any way I own a bone stock 4095.

    One owns abone stock 995, The other owns the ATI'd lazer and red dot or scope. Depends on what he feels that trip.

    We have taken turns and All around 4095. However the 995 does a great job. And at around 25% less cost.

    I love the heck out of the 4095 but there are times, (buying ammo) That I wish I had gotten the 995.

    And yes a good shooter with a 995 will smoke the pants off a decent shooter and a 4095.

    Clamp them down and the 4095 will win hands down.
  4. I tend to agree with the fellows above, and I own both carbines. There is just something about the 4095 that makes me drool every shot LOL
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    My new gun

    I just got the 40 and went to shoot it for the first time today. I got it set at 25 yards and took 8 shots at 50 yards. all is stock on the gun, and i put a 4x32 BSA scope on it. at 100 yards I hit the target 6 out of 8 but I was shooting em as fast as i could pull the trigger down and put the crosshair back on the target.
  6. Excellent grouping montrose.
  7. Nice shooting! That target is dead LOL
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    A cow-orker of mine popped into my office this morning to tell me he took a deer with his ATI'd 995 this weekend. An 8-pointer at 200 yards or so. Talk about holdover!
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    Is that legal? with a 9mm to hunt deer? i use an 8mm mauser lol
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    Well If it helps I know it is legal to use a .40 S&W, However 200 yrds I think is a slight exageration.
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    wow i'd have to see that.. personally i would'nt use either gun beyond 100 for much of anything esp hunting deer.

    btw the 4095 was only 10bucks more in my area how much more does it run in your guys.

    i dont like .40 though.
  12. 4095 was going for like 160 dollars and the 995 for 149 in ohio
  13. In MO, any centerfire cartridge with an expanding tip (hollow point, jacketed hollow point, soft point) is legal. That means that the smallest cartridge that can be used is a .17 HMR round. There is no upper limit. That also means any handgun, so long as it's a centerfire cartridge. In MO, at least...
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    At 200 yards??? This is pretty unbelievable to me....Literally, I don't believe it. Not to mention that at that range w/ that caliber is pretty unsportsmanlike. I'd say you'd wound a deer 80% of the time rather than kill it at that distance.
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    A 200 yd kill on a deer of any kind with a 9mm would be just plain luck. The low energy levels of the round at that distance would make penetration of the rib area very unlikely. Holdover would be unreal and in any context I can think of this would be very unsportsmanlike.

    Of course, most anything can happen but the more I think about it the more I don`t believe it happened. If it did I hope this "hunter" never gets a license again. Then again, a person who would try this shot probably doesn`t care about minor things like getting a license anyway.
  17. I've seen some pretty unbelievable things in my day (or at least things I consider unbelievable). Was at the shooting range last week, and a kind gentleman pulls out his Kimber, and offers to let me shoot it. I put it out to 7 yards, was getting 2" groups, and felt pretty good about myself. He gets a new target, and starts sending it downrange. 7 yards... 25 yards... 50 yards... 75 yards... 100 yards... I was thinking "this dude is crazy... is he about to put down the Kimber and get a rifle out or something?". He aims, squeezes off a mag semi-rapid fire, and nails the target with 6" groups. Turns out he was a competition shooter for 30+ years. I have no shame admitting I'd consider myself lucky even hitting paper at that range with that pistol. If i hadn't seen him put up the target, send it downrange, shoot it, and recall the target himself I don't think I would have believed it myself.
  18. At least he didn't shoot a smiley face, bring it back in, and say "have a nice day"... :lol:


    In WV, you may use a centerfire cartridge in a rifle. In a pistol, it must be .357 or higher. I would limit it to 50 yards or less.

    Grounded clay pigeons, on the other hand, have no season or cartridge limits...


    Put the bottom of the V on the clay pigeon at 200 yards and fire away.
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    just a little correct but .17hmr is a rimfire.