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  1. My phone isn't letting me use the search function, and since I received an email saying it's been a while since you have been on, thought I would just ask the question. What kind of groups are you guys getting? I went to the range a couple of weeks ago and at 15 yards I put 80 rounds inside a 6 inch circle.

    I know I'm not amazing, but I am curious how I am stacking up with these pistols compared to others on this board.
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    :welcome:back, TXrifleman!!!
    That sounds pretty good, At first I was thinking Carbine :rofl:

    We have "Old Outlaw" getting a 2" group with 9mm NATO and
    a 995TS! :eek: @100 yards!

    IDK about the JCP, but that sounds decent!

  3. No carbine in the stable yet, but I deffinetly want one soon. I just keep building these silly bolt rifles.

    I would be very sad if I kept a 6"group at 15 yards with a rifle.
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    Doesn't sound like a bad group for a .40 s&w to me but of course there is always room for improvement . I tend to shoot from 20-25 yard and seem to average somewhere around a 7 or 8 inch group .
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    A full size 40?! When did HP start making a 10mm? :D
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    TXrifleman, thanks we're sharing your own observations about JCP accuracy. Mine has never complemented me very well. I can barely shoot 8 inch groups at 15 yards.
  7. Are you using a rest, slow fire, combat fire, conditions? All will affect accuracy. 6 inch is good enough for self defense, not sure a semi auto without a barrel bushing will ever get 1911 accuracy. One of the reasons that Glock owners are not competitive in bullseye competition.
  8. no rest for me, shooting off hand. As far as rate of fire, 2-3 seconds between shots. Range I go to requires 2 count. Never had an opportunity to rapid fire, don't know how I would do.
  9. For the record, not expecting a target pistol. Just wanted to share my experience and get feedback hoping to challenge myself. Which dirt_19 gave me a good challenge shooting 1 inch larger at 25 yards sounds like fun.
  10. Then you are doing fine, your accuracy is more than acceptable for combat. It is bound to tighten up the more you shoot.
  11. TXRifleman, I have two H-P .40 S&Ws, and usually get around 6" to 8" groups at an outdoor range, from a rest, at 25 yards, with my handloads-- but then I'm crowding 80 years old, and my eyesight isn't what it used to be!
    Are you using commercial ammo, or handloads? My H-Ps seem to do best with 155 Gr. or 175 Gr. LSWC bullets.
    Fred (Honcho)
  12. 180 grain federal brass case commercial ammo. I haven't bought dies to handload for this, but I have been saving the brass.