Ace Hardware C9 did good!

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    Some might not know about how I came to purchase my new C9 at an Ace Hardware store in Overton, NV so I'm putting up a link here:

    Las Vegas Hi-Point Search - Dealers bashing, too

    So I drove the hour plus up to Overton from Las Vegas and picked up my brand new C9 today 8) !!! All purdy in its box and wrapping straight from the factory :) Dan (the owner) and the rest of the folks up there were just as nice as everyone else I had dealt with, too. Dan told me that they sell Hi-Points just about as fast as they can get 'em in and he can't think of a single person who's had trouble with one yet. I also purchased a soft sided pistol case for $5.00 (discount because I bought the gun), 100 rounds of HSM "Police Ammunition" - 50 rounds of 115 grain FMJ factory reloads in bright orange boxes for $11.99 each, and a 10 round magazine for $20.

    On the way home, I stopped off at a place my friends and I have gone shooting before - it's about a mile west of the I-15 down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere :wink: I didn't have any really good targets with me, but I just had to shoot my new C9 (still have to name her, too :) ) so I loaded up the 8 round magazine with 7 rounds and the 10 round with 9 rounds, put a gallon jug of water about 25 paces away, and proceeded to ventilate it with no problems whatsoever :twisted: !!!

    The wind started to come up about this time, so I had to switch targets. An old Pringles can served very nicely as a target with a rock or two in the bottom for ballast. This time I loaded up both mags to full capacity and proceeded to put 18 rounds downrange with no problems again! Mr. Pringles was having a few issues due to my blowing a rock to smithereens in the bottom during one of the previous magazines, but I just found another rock that would work to keep the target in place. I didn't want to blow through all my ammo, so I decided to finish out the box with a full 10 round mag and 6 in the 8 round mag. This time I went rapid fire (gotta love the open desert for shooting :p !) and emptied both about as quickly as I could while keeping the rounds in the general vicinity of the target.

    So that makes 50 rounds of cheap reload ammo through the C9 and no problems whatsoever :mrgreen: !!! I can't say enough good about it - it's exactly what I was hoping it would be!

    I do have to relate two goof ups on my part. First, I forgot the camera at work on Friday so no pics this post. The second goof was something that ticked me off that I did to the C9. Before ever inserting a loaded magazine, I had the magazines in my left pocket and the C9 tucked into my waistband on my right hip. I crouched down and the C9 fell about a foot onto the desert floor which just happens to be strewn with small, abrasive, jagged rocks about the size of a 20 oz bottle cap :evil: It scuffed up the slide just a bit, but other than that, no problems. I'll just lie to myself and say it adds "character" :oops:

    My next stop was Bass Pro Shops where I picked up a holster, but changed my mind after I got home because I realized I'd rather have one that clips on rather than threading onto my belt. I do love Bass Pro because I know I can bring in my guns either to shoot (pistol or rifle) or to pick out accessories and such - just a quick trigger lock at the front door and I'm good to go 8)

    One other good thing I have to say about Hi-Point is that aside from the ghost ring sight and trigger lock, they also include a very handy chamber flag :) Yes, I know the rules of firearms safety, but I figure every little bit helps and if I can keep it in the carry case with the slide closed and the chamber flag showing everyone that there's no round in the chamber, so much the better :wink:

    More tomorrow if possible - I'm moving within two weeks and I really don't have much time to post. I'll also try to include the all-important PICS as well :p !

    Have a great day and I'll catch y'all later 8)
  2. "Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man!"

    Congrats on your purchase! Buy more ammo and go have more fun!

  3. Bring on the ammo. Sounds like Mr. Pringle didn't stand a chance against you. No sour cream and onion chips in your face!
    I do wish that Ace Hardware would sell guns around here. That would be sweet, I could pickup my garden hose, some mulch, a new faucet, and a C9 all in the same trip. :D

    Congrats on your new 'baby.' I love my C9, an as soon as my carry permit comes in the mail, I'll be carrying it.
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    Thanks for the kind words :D !

    Yeah, Ace Hardware in Overton ROCKS 8) You can get your barbecue, picnic table, propane or charcoal, knives, guns and ammo all in one convenient place. Assuming some sort of game animal is in season at the time, you can go out and use your new gun to get the meat for the BBQ and the knives to clean and skin it for immediate cooking :) Heck, Nevada's an open carry state, so as long as the grocery store doesn't tell you not to, you can OC your Hi-Point on in to the store while you shop for the BBQ fixins and such, just don't use it to convince anyone you shouldn't have to pay :lol: ! Gotta love Nevada for some things aside from gambling, right :wink: ?

    Like I said, I'm moving in the next two weeks (really got to pack more stuff!!!). I figure that after I get settled in a bit, I'll get my CCW even if my C9 ain't the easiest gun to conceal. It'll be nice to have the option of carrying it in the inside pocket of my leather jacket or a shoulder holster, but I can still open carry, too. I'm not going to OC in town just yet - it's my first handgun, I've only got 50 rounds through it so far, and I just don't feel all that comfortable about it yet. I will, however, open carry it anytime I'm out in the desert!

    Oh yeah, I also exchanged the holster today and I am now the proud owner of an Uncle Mike's Sidekick Hip Holster - size 15 (item number 7015-0) 8) ! It fits the C9 perfectly, has an adjustable retention strap with a snap closure over the top of the pistol, can either be threaded or clipped onto a belt or clipped to the inside of a waistband (might be useful with the C9 in the back of a waistband), changes from outside of the waistband to inside waistband by moving the clip between sides, covers the trigger and safety, but not the mag release, and carries an extra magazine in an exterior pocket along the edge of the holster that covers the top of the slide. It was only about $30.00 at Bass Pro and I couldn't be happier :) ! I also think that while it does everything I want it to, it also looks pretty darn good and even a bit tacticool 8)

    Here's a link to the Uncle Mike's holster for those interested :wink:

    One of the big advantages to having a CCW permit in Nevada is that you don't have to worry about any NICS checks or fees. It's a $25 fee for each transaction here and NICS checks end at 6:00 PM. I'd rather not have to worry about what time it is when I go shopping!

    Broomhead, how'd you know it was a sour cream & onion can :shock: ???

    Next time out it'll either be indoors or if outdoors, I'll be firing defensive rounds for function check and for the fun of seeing what they'll do to things like unopened 8oz cans of soda and cheap cans of shaving cream :twisted: !!!
  5. My son, broomhead is psychotic or is it psychic? I always get those mixed up! :lol:
  6. I think that runs in the family right? Besides, it takes one to know one! :wink: :)
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    I keep telling my roommate I'm psychic and she keeps saying I'm psychotic which is probably why I get along with both of you :p !

    And to fulfill my responsibility as the one who started this thread, I actually have something Hi-Point (or at least gun) related. I went down to The Gun Store and picked up a couple more things for the C9 :)

    Item one was a Hogue slip on grip. I'm really on the fence about whether or not to keep it. I love the feel of it for the texture and that it doesn't slide in my hand as easily, but I have smaller hands and the "palm swells" seem to hit me right behind where my fingers meet my palm. If I don't like the way it feels shooting it with this one, I'll see if I can return it and I'll go to WalMart for an innertube to butcher.

    The other thing I bought was a box of Glaser Pow'R Ball ammunition. It was just over $20 for a box of 20 9mm 100gr +P rounds, so not cheap but better than FMJ. If this gun ever leaves my holster for anything other than maintenance, storage, or fun target practice I want to know it'll make its impact known with maximum effect. The polymer ball in the hollow point is supposed to promote expansion, assist in expansion after going through heavy clothing (I've heard normal hollow points can get plugged up with clothing fibers and act as a solid. Not these!!! The other good thing is that they're supposed to feed the same as FMJ. I'll let y'all know how they do after I fired off a few in the good 'ol C9 :)

    Have a great day, everyone 8)
  8. I knew he was going to say that! :twisted:
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    Have you had a chance to use up any of the power balls? just wanting to know how it fed through the C9. Thanks
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    Doh :oops: ! Sorry I haven't posted in a while - been moving and buying a new car etc. and very busy!

    I did get a chance to go shooting 2 weeks ago and I used 10 of the Pow'R Ball rounds. All 10 fed perfectly! I also fired another 50 rounds of cheap reloads, 150 rounds of WWB, and 50 rounds of Federal FMJ. Only two failures to feed and both of those were the last round in the magazine.

    I've got another 100 rounds of Federal FMJ, 100 rounds of Federal JHP 115gr, 10 rounds of Pow'R Ball 115gr +P, 50 rounds of Blazer Brass 115gr ($8 @ Wal Mart!), and 20 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 124gr +P for the next outing :)

    I took the Hogue grip back as it really wasn't comfortable, but I'll probably put something else on soon.

    Thanks for the reply!
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    Wow I didn't think any Ace store handled Firearms any more.
  12. Parrothead

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    Yep, they've got all sorts of guns! That's my kind of hardware store :)
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    NE Utah
    Hogue grips

    Parrothead! Hey! I suddenly realized that we exchanged an email the other day on your blog! Small world!

    I just got a Hogue Full size grip sleeve, (the store called it a medium) and it says it has palm swells, but I can't see or feel them. It was pretty tight, but fit my .40, so I sort of guess it will fit the C9, but I'm not sure. And it is possible the stretch sort of smoothed the swells out. I also wonder if the Handall Jr might be better for the C9, and whether it would feel better. I'm going to try it, as soon as my C9 shows up.

    BTW, for the folks that are drooling over Ace and gun sales, my local eastern Utah Ace hardware sells Hi-Point too.
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    i happened upon an Ace in Clarksville TN that sold various guns last week, no Hi-Points though :(
  15. You need to happen upon Friedmans here in Nashville. They usually have all 4 handguns in stock.
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    funny coincidence, Friedmans is where i first discovered Hi-Point. luckily i stopped in at 2nd Ammendment on my way back to Friedmans, picked up my c9 for $20 less.
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    It's been a while since I was down to LV but have been into just purchased a few odds and ends that I needed at the time though. I did not rent anything while there, but was sure tempted. 8)
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    ajole -

    Small world indeed 8) ! I hope you liked the blog, too :wink:

    I think the Hogue grip is made for the bigger guns and would smooth out the palm swells some, but it just wasn't for me. The Jr. version looks like it only covers some of the top half of the grip, so I think I'm going to buy an innertube for a bike tomorrow :)

    You know what they say, Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man :D

    J_B -

    I used to live a couple of miles from The Gun Store - it's where I purchased my Yugo M70-AB1 (wood stock Yugo AK) with my tax refund and where I normally purchase my 7.62x54R and 7.62x39 :) I also bought my (non-firearms enthusiast, but firearms tolerant) roommate her Valentine's day present - 20 rounds of chocolate ammo in a mini ammo tin :lol:

    And no, you're not the only one who's been seriously tempted to rent something over in the shooting side of the house either :twisted: !!!

    One other thing - yes, I have been out shooting the C9 along with the rest of my guns and that'll be a new thread which will be up shortly :) Quick version - C9 did great again with FMJ and JHP, normal and +P, and made Hi-Point fans out of 2 very experienced former law enforcement officers :twisted: !!!

    [EDIT] DOH! Tough couple of weeks at work can make you forget nearly everything - including having already posted something! I already started that thread about the recent outing with my milsurps and C9 - Milsurps and C9 in northern Arizona.