Ack! My new 995 has issues.

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Jefferson, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Jefferson

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    Well, I was going to wait until the 45 carbine was released but decided to go ahead and get the 9mm since I already have a C9 and like the idea of having both guns for the same round.

    So my son and I went by the gun shop this morning, this is the same shop where I got my pistol. Anyway they had one 995 in stock. It cost me $179.00 NIB. I also picked up an extra clip for it. I then went by Wal-Mart and bought 200 rounds of WWB range ammo.

    I started off at 25 yards just to see what it fired like. The first clip went through smoothly and I shot a reasonable 6" group using the iron sights as they were, straight from the box. As you guys will know with the 115 grn WWB the gun has little recoil. Easy thing to shoot. :p

    Well regrettably it was all downhill from there. I put in the 2nd clip, and the 2nd round out of it failed to load properly. I cleared that and the next round shot, but the following one wouldn't load right. At this point I figured it was a clip problem so I reloaded the original one and tried it. Same thing, about every other round would FTF.

    Finally after having poor results with both clips I decided to start experimenting a little. What I finally got to work somewhat was just loading 5 rounds in each clip. If the first round loaded properly after racking the bolt then the rest of the clip would usually feed.

    All in all I shot about 70 rounds through it this way. Pretty aggravating. Instead of concentrating on shooting and having fun I spent most of the time anticipating a misfire. :x

    So, what does it sound like the issue is? Do you guys think it's clip related or the gun itself?

    I'd certainly appreciate your alls input on this. :wink:

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Ridge

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    Were you pressing the mag all the way in? My 995 was bought used and I never cleaned it and the only FTF I had was when I hadnt fully pressed the mag all the way into the well...

    Also, how tight were the mags when loading them? I loaded my 2 new ones today and it started taking more effort after the 5th or 6th bullet...

  3. I would try one of two things first. Keep shooting or buff the feed ramp. Both have the same end result.
  4. Jefferson

    Jefferson Guest

    Yep, after about the 4th or 5th round it starts to be a pain to load em. The clip on my C9 is the same way, but it fires and ejects just fine. After loading about 70 rounds for the 995 and another 30 for the C9 my fingers are sore. :lol:
  5. Jefferson

    Jefferson Guest

    I'll go ahead and ask before I look, is there a post covering the best method of doing this?

  6. I always wondered why the feed ramp is painted. If painted is the right term. My handgun had feed troubles until the paint wore off and the mags broke in properly.

    Store your mags fully loaded and it should help the mag break in part anyway.
  7. Are you giving the mags a good thump to seat he rounds? You could also just need to tweek the feed lips.
  8. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    True, whenever I go shooting I always tap the mags on the table once or twice to make sure the rounds are all lined up against the back wall...
  9. Contrary to what Beemiller recommends I would give the gun a thorough cleaning and then look at polishing the feed ramp. Would also do the same for the mags and pay a little extra attention to the follower to get the sharp edges off and the sharp edges out of of mag body as well.

    My guess is the gun is a bit rough inside and will need some TLC or more range time for it to settle in. Another option is contact Beemiller and send it back so they can do the TLC and make it right.

    My 995 came out of the box shooting with no problems at all. I did buff and polish my mag follower and the inside of the mag body, then gave the rifle a good cleaning to remove the heavy preservative oil the factory put on prior to assembly.

  10. Jefferson

    Jefferson Guest

    Virgil, yes I smack the bottom of the clip with the palm of my left hand to make sure it's home.

    As to the feed lips on the clip, do those usually need to be pinched tighter or what?

  11. blkhwkfxr

    blkhwkfxr Guest

    As above, yes always tap your mags, also you can try a silicone lubricant in the mag and on your feed ramp. Work a few full mags through the action to help in the process of smoothing out your ramp. You can do this at home instead of actually firing off a buch of rounds hoping for the best =P
  12. Jefferson

    Jefferson Guest

    Blkhwkfxr, I think I'll try the silicon before I polish the feed ramp. I'd be pleased if the spray fix worked so I wouldn't have to do any actual work. :lol:
  13. Jefferson

    Jefferson Guest

    Didn't see your post earlier Rimfirehunter, I think I'll give her a good cleaning tomorrow and mess with the mags some. Hopefully I can get the feed issues resolved quickly. This is going to be my truck gun and it needs to be dependable. I spend a lot of time in the woods and don't need to be face to face with a Hungary cougar with a gun that won't feed ammo reliably. :shock: