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  1. xtreme0915

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    I was at the LGS today and spotted a gorgeous Trijicon 3x ACOG scope (which would look great on my 995 ;D ). When I went to look at it it was priced at $180.00. From everything I have seen that just struck me as completely off. I asked the salesman and he said it was the right price. In your guys' opinions, am I missing out on a steal here?
  2. If it has the biblical verse on it, better buy it, might be a collectors item soon!

  3. xtreme0915

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    What got me is how low the price was. I was convinced it could be some knock off
  4. 0uTkAsT

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    There is no way that is a Trijicon. It must be a Bushnell Elite T-Dot or some other look-alike... Even used/refurbished/demo model ACOGs sell for $750 or more.
  5. sounds like a clone version
  6. Same as above. I have a ACOG and the MSRP is 1900ish... If it is a real ACOG at 180 buy ALL of them.... But I would say it is NOT the real deal.
  7. The cheapest REAL ones I've seen go for around $800-900. If you want to be certain of whether or not its real, check this page from Trijicon's website.

    Also, look for the Lifetime Warranty info.
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    If it's a real ACOG for that price get me one too.
  9. if its a typo you better snatch em all up, LOL.
  10. Yeah, if they're real, buy em all, I'll give you $200 apiece.
  11. xtreme0915

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    After browsing through their (Trijicon's) various ACOGs I think it was probably a fake. It SAID Trijicon ACOG on the side, but the fiber optic for the sight didn't function and it had a blank box, no manufacturer or anything. Sorry to disappoint anybody =P
  12. jmstevens2

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    I would report that to the company (Trijicon that is)
  13. RandyP

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    Had the same problem with a nice Rolux watch a guy wanted to sell me - lol
  14. is your local gunstore the trunk of some guys car? LOL
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    my bud girl works there in ann arbor Mi, i will ask her if this is pos,
    i want her to check on a refurb for me any way
  16. This had me laughing my a** off... Thanks!
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    Excuse my misuse of acronyms. I meant Local Gun SHOW. Sorry
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    If you get a chance to examine them again, check for spelling. Seems like I just saw a knock off recently with a spelling of TRIJ_CON or TR_JITCON, something that made you think it was Trijicon.
  19. YUP YUP! Also Triligon is another one.