Acquiring a handgun under 21 years old?

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    I live in Oklahoma. Ive seen the official laws before, but now I can't find anything except overviews. From what I can see and what Ive heard from gun dealers, it is illegal for a liscenced dealer to sell me a handgun, but it is not illegal for me to own one. If that is the case, I will probably start cruising around gun shows to see if I can find a C9.

    I also want to find the laws about someone under 21 (but over 18) using a handgun for home defense. Id hate to end up legally acquiring it, then get in trouble later if I had to use it in an emergency at home.

    But, for the most part it will just be used for practicing along with my 995, and will stay at home until I turn 21 and get my CCL.

    Oh, in case I wasn't clear, I am just looking for help finding the local (OR FEDERAL!) laws stating whether or not I can own one or legally buy one (obviously through some type of private sale).



    I guess now that I think of it, I couldnt legally or at least morally buy pistol ammo. I already buy 9mm ammo for my 995, but I think Id feel bad for knowingly using it for something other than for what I stated during the purchase.
  2. This is just a wild guess, but if it is illegal for a licensed dealer to sell you a pistol, I would think it would be illegal for a private citizen to do so also.

    It may be that a father can purchase the weapon and give it to you if you are past a certain age.

    Im from Okla myself, but am not sure about this in any way, sorry.

    You may find the contact info for the regional BATF (its in Texas) and call them and ask them if nothing else.

  3. This seems to be the way it is. I could buy a gun for my son but he could not buy it or the ammo. I also believe in mosts states I have to be with him when he uses it as well.
  4. Im fairly certain it would work fine that way at least in Okla with a rifle, but not sure with a pistol.
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    Join the military, you may be issued one.
    Or emancipate yourself.
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    depends on state laws. In SD a 18-21 year old can posses and use a handgun for whatever purpose. an 18+ person can also legally obtain a concelaed carry permit and do such. they cannot however purchase a handgun or ammo, it must be pruchased for them by a parent or gaurdian. 14-18 can posses firearms without direct parental control, but only when not activly hunting. 14 and under can [posses but only under direct adult supervision. FWIW i had my own rifle at age 6 and used it responsibly by myself at age 8. it was my responisibility to keep the cottontail popluation to a minimum and out of the garden, and keep the stray tomcats from bothering the barn cats.

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    Nevada says it's OK for a private sale of a handgun for 18 to 21 year olds, but then there's the ammo question. The feds say no handgun ammo for under 21 year olds unless it's for a rifle. I guess that's where the 995 & 4095 come in real handy :wink: .

    For a link to all the state laws, go to the BATFE website and look for the link to state laws. It'll point you right to your state.

    If I were still under 21 and considering home defense, I'd probably look for just what I'm going to buy now at 31 years old for home defense - a 12ga pump action shotgun.

    Of course, with the right ammo, your 995 should be a reasonable solution, too :)
  8. Yeah, like Parrothead said (kinda) there is NO federal law against you purchasing a handgun... from a private individual. But, be sure to check your local state laws.

    (And, here, the booths set up at the gun show are firearms dealers, so they couldn't legally sell you a handgun.)
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    Thanks guys!

    So, it would be legal for a parent (does it have to be a parent? Or can it be anyone who can legally buy a handgun?) to buy a pistol and then transfer it to me as a gift?

    Also, about the ammo; If I bought it for the 995, and ended up using it in the pistol, would I be "breaking the law?"

    I kinda feel bad trying to find all these loopholes, heh. I hope you guys don't have the wrong idea about me! :)
  10. I THINK it has to be a parent or guardian, and IMO technically yes, you would be breaking the law if you used ammo bought for a rifle in a pistol
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    They have recently passed something in SC about this, and was brought to my attention by Shooter Z (Props to my SC Home Slice) It's written vague IMHO, at least here in SC... I'll try to see what i can find for you if you tell us what state you are in.
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    In Utah, it's illegal for a dealer to sell to someone under 21, but it's not illegal for a private seller to sell to you, as long as you're 18.

    It's a retarded law anyway. If you're old enough to be tried as an adult, you're old enough to be treated like one. Same goes for drinking laws, even though I never was a drinker...
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    I am in Oklahoma. Thanks guys.

    As far as the ammo, it wouldn't be breaking the law if someone else, over 21, bought the ammo for a handgun, right?
  14. According to the laws here (Utah, not sure if it's federal or local, I could look it up if you really wanted me to) your parent or guardian can legally buy you a gun. But, someone else CANNOT. If they have the intention to transfer it to you when they buy it, then it is a felony. (If they bought a gun five years ago intending to keep it for themselves and now are ready to get rid of it and sell it to you, it's perfectly legal.)

    I think it's illegal for someone else (who is not your parent or guardian) to buy you ammo for a handgun. But I'm not sure about that and, again, I'm not sure if that's federal law or local.
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    Ok. So, a current compilation of what I know now (not going to take action on this until I am sure, just making sure Im getting all this right):

    It would be LEGAL for a parent to buy me a handgun. That is to buy it, registered in their name, and simply give it to me? Would I have to be there and specify that it is for me? Or does that not matter?

    For ammo, the same would apply, right? My parent would buy the ammo, stating that it was intended for a handgun, and could then legally give it to me?
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    I just had my roommate call a local dealer (Academy Sports and Outdoors) and ask if he could buy a pistol for "his son" (he sounds older than me, heh) just for shooting at the range. The guy said it was perfectly fine and did not sound suspicious or weary at all.

    So, now I just have to ask my dad to buy me one (and pay him back, of course). I dont think it will be too hard, since he said he would have liked me to have a pistol in the first place (rather than a long gun) for home defense.

    While we are out buying them Ill be sure to get lots of ammo so he doesnt have to come with me too often when I need it.
  17. As far as the federal law goes, (and it's probably already been stated someowhere else) it is an an illegal purchase to but who you know cannot legally own one (one of persons forbiddenin the federal law).

    But you're on the irght path checking your state laws. I hope everything works out for you.
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    Welp, the dad is actually pretty enthusiastic about the pistols. I told him the prices and explained the warranty and now he wants to get one just to have, heh. I also called a few more gun dealers and asked (honestly, this time) and they all said its A-ok for him to buy my a handgun.

    So yeah, as soon as we get time during store hours we're gonna go C9 shopping!
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    Remember, if you don't find the firearm you would like on the shelves, normally they will order it for you and you pay cost + a % of the total and any transfer fees. You may save some money this way, but you will have to wait. If I'm not mistaken, I believe pistols must be shipped overnight... so the wait shouldn't be that long. Good luck!