Active Shooter Training

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  1. I had mine today. Sort of sadly ironic considering the circumstances in California, but it was fun at least.
    I managed to almost piss off the instructor, though. Apparently we did real well; nobody got shot. They use Simunition rounds on us (9mm cartridges loaded with paintballs). But they do it in three scenarios; escape, barricade, and fight. In the first, we have to escape the building. The second, we have to barricade ourselves in a room and ensure the shooter can't get in. The third is we have to fight the shooter. They train locally; each scenario is five minutes long, as that is the average response time for Security Forces. The first two went alright (although in the second, I managed to destroy one of their vacuum cleaners using an extension cord to tie the door shut, made them a a little irked).
    But the third one, the fight scenario, was sort of interesting. We loaded a set of wall lockers against the door (we had to create an obstacle, but one the shooter could get around), and flipped the furniture over. The guy managed to get in the room, but the lockers got a bit tilty on him. One of our Master Sergeants who weighs about 250-260 and all muscle got him against the wall. My troop got a shoulder in his gut and it was my job to get the gun away from him. Which is where things got dicey; he had an M9, but he had it pointed towards someone else. So I got my hand over it and managed to get the safety engaged. Then I got my fingers in his wrist and got the gun away. Flipped the safety off and held him at gunpoint on the ground until "Security Forces" arrived.
    Apparently they weren't a fan of that lol. They didn't say we couldn't, and I figured why the Hell wouldn't I? Apparently it's the first time anyone's ever done that. Which is odd to me, but oh well.

    AST in general is a bit of a joke; its very controlled and there are lots of rules, which they thankfully acknowledge, but it was a crap ton of fun.
    Thinking of helping them with training; they need aggressors to shoot at the cops and the SOF guys that train out there, so maybe I'll do that.
    Also, since none of us got shot, they had two full mags of Simunition left, and offered to let us shoot it....Hell yes I shot it. They set up a terrorist cutout at the end of one of the halls and let us go to town.

    It was a good day. :p
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    You could do it with me. I'll shoot you with a beanbag round. Lots of fun.Glad you had fun.

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    I hate you.

    MY government mandated & paid for Active Shooter Training consists of a couple of Power Point Slides telling me to lock the doors and hide, how to properly not get shot by First Responders by keeping my hands in the air, and, only as a last resort, to defend myself using a computer keyboard or some other implement which sucks as a bludgeon (like a coffee maker or maybe plush office toys or something, I forget). :(

    Peace favor your sword,
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    NE Utah
    Sounds like mine, Kirk.:rolleyes:

    Our original plan decreed from on high was run, hide, fight.

    After the first three teachers to try running got "shot", we modified it to hide, run, fight.:eek:

    Oddly enough, unlike the Utah, with a CCW, teachers are allowed to carry at work. I may or may not take advantage of that right.:cool:
    I do know we have about 30% of our staff with permits, though.:)

    Many of the kids know I'm a gun guy, and was Army, so when we do anything like that training, a few always say they're coming to my room. And I ask them why, I was a diesel mechanic, and don't have any tools at school.:p
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    Ours consists of is this person that stupid and who gets to shoot him first. Then we let E beat the Hell out of him
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    At least YOU can carry! I kipped a field hockey stick to hide in my closet in case if. AND I have an interior room with no escape to the outside. Our official plan consists of hiding in the corner until the BG shoots us all. Guy next to me served 2 tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan - we made our own plan that includes keeping the kids alive and beating the BG. mOOnz - could we borrow E?
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    NE Utah
    Hey! Wonder if we copied yours, or vice versa?

    It's even more fun as our rooms have large windows in and next to the entry doors, so unless we cover them up to limit sight lines, we only have about 50 square feet of room to hide 30 kids.:rolleyes:

    The hard part is always picking the kid you could use as the distraction in that scenario.

    Or is that the fun part?:eek:
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    I love shooter training because its violent! Sad to say but sometimes you have to "let it out." Sounds like a good time and that you did awesome flyboy. Not sure why they would be upset about the cord - that was a solid response to securing the door.

    Histed - as your adopted daughter I won't even charge you for violent and effective services;)
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    'S OK, really - be a cheap price to pay anyway to watch some would-be bad a$$ scream for mercy while you dismember him and I laugh maniacally.
    Seriously, what we really need is for our admin to let us get the proper training and get someone like you in to develop a REAL plan.
    Ajole - pretty sure we copied your's, then dropped the part where I can actually do something about the shooter.
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    Shucks you make a girl blush with your compliments :eek:
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    We have a no weapons policy where I work, but most management won't bat an eye if they see you using a flip open pocket knife.
    I imagine someone printing while carrying a gun might be a different story, though
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    The old lady's employer has a no weapons policy as well, but acknowledges that people cc so the rule is you can keep it one your bag or your vehicle. So she's getting a .38sp snubby for her purse.
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    When I worked at the casino they told us to hide behind the slot machines... yeah like that will do any good. Only gun was the head of security and a couple of the surveillance guys were allowed to bring their pistols to work but had to lock them in the gun cabinet in the security office which was a nice little 1/8 mile hike across the casino! Only time they asked a few more of us to bring in guns was 9/11 then they had most of security armed(scary!) and all of the slot technicians because we had access to the entire casino including closets where power distribution stuff was kept. Security didn't have a clue what was in most of them. Entire shop hunted and most of us kept a pistol in the lock box in the car while at work.

    We had a bomb threat one day, security shuts down all of their radios but doesn't bother telling the people who were on the radios constantly! Slot techs were always calling to the shop for help, parts, etc. After it I went to the head of security and thanked him for letting us know there was a bomb threat and we should not use the radio system... his eyes got really big and he started stuttering as the casino manager looked at me with a wtf look. That one forced a few changes, like a new head of security for starters. Nobody missed seeing that pervert leave either! He was constantly harassing the younger staff.