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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bluharley, Oct 13, 2014.

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    NE Utah
    I did thoroughly enjoy that!:D

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    I should probably call & hire a security guard, ya think?
  4. That was funny.
    He must ahve a real hate for glock 21's by the looks of those pictures :D
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    Funny and true. That is why I troll Craigslist with WTB Gun ads and usually get some really good deals.
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    I gotta go list some guns.
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    WTS: used mosin nagant 91/30. numbers matching(#62), stock is a bit war weary, but useable, made in 1942. Asking $3000, or will trade for a brand new Wilson Combat CQB in .45acp.
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    Hah, my local range had a box full of them selling for less than $200 each.
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    oh wait, did i post that here? i meant to put it up on armslist.
    right next to tard-boy and his $400+ hi point pistol
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    Hello Friends

    I can't blame someone for trying to get the better end of a trade or fair deal but most postings I see on Armslist is just ridiculous. It makes one wonder if people that are asking those scalping prices isn't targeting folks that cannot legally purchase firearms from a FFL. Otherwise who would pay those stupid prices.
    Happy & Safe Shooting Friends :D
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    I have made a few nice trades from Armslist;

    1) SCCY CPX-2 original pkg for a nice Mosin 91/30 + HP JHP-45 + 50 rds 45 ammo
    2) 2000 rds 22LR for a SCCY CPX-2 (different SCCY)
    3) 2000 rds 22LR for a HP 995 Classic + 2 mags, like new condition
    4) GSG StG-44 22LR BNIB for a CETME wood stock, 9-20rd mags, 120rds ammo
  14. That's a good deal!

    Who trades a .308 power house for a WW2 22LR knock of!!!?
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    Well duh!..... It's the special double/single action model!.... Ultra rare...
  17. I'm going to make an offer just to see if I get a response.