Add A Skeleton Stock to a ATI Stock

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    There was a few post about how there was no need to do any "Mods" to the 995 because it just wasn't needed. Then there was a post about adding a adjustable stock to the factory Hi Point Stock. The were a few "Photoshop" Pictures of what it would look like.

    Well I bought my 995 from Chef Dennis and when he mentioned that he wanted to put a folding stock on it, then i seen that other post, i figured I'd go for it. But i don't care for folding stocks and I had the ATI stock. So I added a "ACE SKELETON" Fixed length stock.

    The pictures shpw it in steps. Te 1st is the cut up stock. Any of you ever take a saw to one of your guns!?!? It can be a scary deal upfront! The next shows the empty hole in the ATI Stock. I cross drilled the stock and then filled the hole with a marine epoxy, making sure it also came out the holes that I cross drilled. After it dried, I used a 1 1/8 inch holesaw and drilled so that a "extention" tube from a AR-15 could be screwed into the hole. I also had to drill a 1/2 hole in the bottom of the area below the Extention tube so the the ""Guide Stud" on the Ace Stock would fit flush.

    From there i use a dremel tool to smooth out toe cuts. The gun isn't done but I did just "mock it up" to give you an idea of what it will look like when done.

    This gun also has a full length "rail" mounted on top of it along with a set of Iron sights and a EOTech 512 Halo. The next addition will be Bushmans trigger and Handle.

    Here are the pictures:









    As I said the last 2 pictures are of the gun just mocked up, it isn't "bolted" together. I need to figure out what color to paint it and "finish it up.

    Hope this gives you all "ideas" on what can be done with this little "Toy"!!
  2. That's pretty wild. :D

    Good job!

  3. Now thats what I'm talking about!!! Innovation... even if it doesn't fly. Personally I think it gives it a great look.... don't know how strong it is, but it looks great.

    Since I have the means of doing it, I would replace that epoxy with a machine alum block with some side screws to the stock. I like the ability to remove stuff.

    Good show Shootest 995!
  4. Looks nice to me for an ATI stock :) I like this look a lot better
  5. That is sweet! I like the look of the ATI better though?????? How does it feel when you shoulder it???
  6. Ridge

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    If anything else, it'd be a great display piece...

    I think it'd be awesome if Hi-Point went and did something like this so that you could mount AR stocks to it...I mean, there is a pretty large market there...dozens of AR stock options...
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    Where is the flame job?
    Nice work!
  8. Wow! I've never been a fan of the ATI stock, but this look salvages it! I love it!
  9. Okay, that's BAD A$$!!!

    I was hoping to do something similar with the factory stock, but the deal to buy it fell through (grrr...). I'll definitely have to give it a shot when I finally get my hands on a 995.
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    Since your buttstock is trash. Could you cut the bridge off at the stock? I've been wondering if it is solid in that area. Some of use have contemplated cutting out the "bridge".
    Oh yeh, Good job! and thanks.
  11. Well done! love the stock.
  12. Nice! I have measured and photoshopped it to do basically the same thing from stocks I build from steel tubing like the ACE style. But just haven't had the excuse of reason to do it. Yours looks just like it was pictured in my mind. Great idea and execution on your part from the looks of it.

    The only thing I see that may be an issue is the length of pull looks like about 15+" or so, a little long for a lot of people.
  13. Shootest 995

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    Cruiser, I went down and chopped the bridge off to see if it was solid all the way back and YES it is. I cut it on both angles as close to the back of the stock as possible so that there would be enough material so that the stub could be smoothed out and blended into stock with a dremel, it is solid all the way into the stock, so you can chop it out and it would be fine.

    Bushman, it is solid and mounted tight. The screw in section is clise to 5/8's of an inch long and takes a bunch of torque to get it tight. I don't think the recoil from the 9mm will be enough to cause an issue, now I don't plan on using it the breach open any doors for "entry" so I am oretty sure that it will be totally functional and not be an issue as to how stong the mount is. As to the epoxy vs, Aluminum, I thought about doing it that way, but 1st I would have had to farm that out, ad to be honest, I have used marine epoxy in sooo many apps that I don't have any fear of it coming apart in this situation, and to make sure it stayed in the opening is the reason I "cross drilled" the ATI and flowed the expoy out those holes. If you look real close at about 3/4" back on the ATI and the ACE attaching point, you can see a 1/4" round "light" spot on each side of the ATI, that is where the "cross drill" is at.

    Onepoint, Actually the stock is 9 3/4" overhaul length and from the acttchment point of the ATI it is long and that does work for me. For those that might want to try this but needs a shorter app. , ACE makes the same Skeleton Butt Stock in a shorter (I think it is just over 7") version, so that shouldn't be an issue. AND for those that might want to as a AR-15 "A4" adjustable type stock, it can be done the same why. The extention tube for the adjustable stck attaches the same way as the non-adjustable, it screws to the body of the gun the same way, you just need a few other "jam nuts" and sling rings.

    Stryker, It FEELS, GREAT!! It is a bit longer and that works great for my and allows me a better hand position on the forearm also. I am thinking of adding the "front rail" bracket for the Storm" that Patriot added, but I amk not big into vertical grips, so it would be stickly to allow the use of other attachments. But yea when I shoulder it, it feels more like my AR's and i shoulder the "toe" of the stock High for a better cheek weld.

    Thanks for all of your opinions and comments! LOL, we all do these things for or egos in some way or another!!
  14. I want to do this to the factory stock!!

    Ok.. Now we're talking... GRIN

    If it can be done with the ATI stock.. I think I can do it to the factory stock. I have wood working tools so like Bushman.. instead of aluminium I'd try it with hard-wood block to keep the "take apart" factor.

    With the factory foregrip, which is shallower and straighter than the ATI, this mod would, in my opinion balance the look of the carbine even better than the factory shoulder stock section. In fact.. shorting the forestock would even make it look more center balanced with a longer "bare barrel" look to the front.

    Got me thinking again.. time to order a "replacement stock" to work on.. GRIN

    Take care,

  15. And they said it couldn't be done.
    Awesome, Shootest995!
  16. Re: I want to do this to the factory stock!!

    I'm speaking purely by way of speculation here, but:

    1) If I understand bushman's suggestion correctly (and there's not guarantee that I do), it sounds like it's based on a block of metal tied to the stock by shear pins (the bolts or screws) and that these are mounted where the mechanical advantage of the fasteners will be very low. i.e. I fear that the recoil will tear the bolts out of the plastic.

    2) Substituting wood (and I'm more familiar with working wood than metal), means that there's a more frangible medium between the original plastic and the metal of the new stock, and I fear two points of failure instead of one.

    The original stock, and the ATI, both rely on the long stretch of uninterrupted, arched material from front to back -- or at least from breach to back, to maintain integrity. I suspect that epoxy, lavishly laid in, may be the only substitute.

  17. I can appreciate the folding stock mod. Sure looks badass. I think I would like to see Bushman focus on doing a conversion for the OE stock instead of the ATI. Maybe it's just me, but I love the Storm-esque thumb hole and buttstock and it seems like a crime to cut it off. The OE stock on the other hand can just a serious makeover.

    Just eyeballin' HP stock, I can envision a steel plate that would wrap around the cut-off end of the stock, fastened with short buttonheads and riv-nuts pressed into the sides.
  18. griff30

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    Hey any updates Shootest?
    I have envisioned a fold-OVER stock for the classic HP stock to look a little like a scorpion SMG. Not good with photo shop though.
  19. Shootest 995

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    Nothing to show at this time. You can't see it in the pictures i posted, but there is a "gap" between the "Top Rail" and the barrel cover of about 3/16th of an inch. So i took the rail and the reciever cover to a friends place and he is "grinding or milling out the ares of the rail where it mounts to to Reciever cover so that it will lay flat on the front barrel cover.

    I think (an it is just my opinion (Chef Dennis who installed the rail and Onepoint bought have said the gap does not pose a problem) That the gap would let the sights and scope change from zero and always need to be adjusted. Again the guys that have done this mod say its all good, but I just want to make sure the rail is mounted tight and level.

    So when that is done, i'll decide what color to paint it, add Bushmans trigger and handle ( I need to get them ordered asap) and hopefully finish up these mods and then see what else I can come up with to do!