Add ons to the stock.

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  2. ah, you've come to the dark side young skywalker...... here's some ideas. Basically, they just attach, and many folks due it many different ways. You're gonna get quite a few ideas. That grip is sweet...... I may have to consider one of those soon!


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    so, i screw the rail screws through the stock? is that what im seeing?
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    the rails pictured were mounted on an ati 995 will have to drill holes in your stock for the mounting screws.
    the grip handle will fit them also.
  5. yes - the rails come with a template for drilling the holes in the right place / distance. Not hard, just take your time - measure twice, drill once!
  6. I mounted one on each of my origional 4095 stocks. They fit perfectly and snugly into the recessed grip area with some very minor widening of the space between the internal support ribs. I mounted a light, the aim is near perfect.
  7. NICE!!! That's outstanding!!! I've often considered doing something similar.... thanks for sharing...