Added Hi Point to collection

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  1. michaelfm

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    The only way to get what you want for Christmas is to buy presents for yourself. I figured a Hi Point 9mm was a thoughtful gift to myself....


    After reading another post here, I went out and picked up the Crosman Air gun holster at Wal Mart for a mere $6.86. These are actually nicer than an Uncle Mike's.

    Another bonus- I bought a Don Hume IWB holster for a Taurus PT145. The Hi Point C-9 fits perfectly in the Don Hume.

    I think I'm going to like this gun. Complete package, C-9 NIB, extra 10 round mag, holster, total $149.90.

    How can you beat that? Now I need to get out and shoot it!
  2. rodka

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    you got a great deal on the c9 and a sweet holster.
    one hell of a christmas present. :D

  3. You ungrateful heathen! Just accept with gratitude what you're given!

    That's what I do, but I buy whatever I want the other 364. That way, I'm 364 times as likely to get what I want. :D
  4. hpman

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    Nice present!
  5. Finally someone who thinks like me. The Christmas season is the best time to get what you need and want. Great choice for your "self gift."
  6. Ari

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  7. Congratulations!
  8. michaelfm

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    I was really surprised when I found the Hi Point fit the Don Hume holster perfectly. This was a custom fit for a Taurus PT 145



    I might just have to start carrying this now!
  9. Nice gun!

    My favorite type of present too... To: Me... From: ME!! :D
  10. I'm hard to buy for, simply because I don't like to ask for much (if anything). But: that makes it frustrating for those seeking suggestions. And believe me, I know: my whole family is that way, and I _hate_ not getting legit ideas from them.

    So, this year, after initially playing coy, I gave my brother the URL where he could order the mags for my .40 Iberia. In turn, he told me what he and his wanted.

    Makes life more simple, pleasant, and grinnable.
  11. kaths_hubbie

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    I bought my C9 NIB with only one 8 rd mag and the standard trigger lock for $150.I'd say you got a pretty good deal.