added new c9--harder to get

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    Just added another c9 to the bunch-was told they are getting harder to get because of supply/demand-that should say somthing about the little firearm. got the last one they had and was told they had sold 200 and only had three come back for repair and that was taken care of fast. they have had them on backorder and sent another order in just to keep up.
    the price is (rummered )to be going up, I dont know if thats true , but I didnot want to take the chance so I got another one today.
    seems with all that I have, I am always one firearm short of happy :lol:
    NO HARM INTENDED- but he also told me He sold ten Glocks lately and has had three come back for repair/ That being said I am NOT BAD mouthing GLOCKS--just thought it was interesting
  2. same here. im still waiting for a c9 to arrive at the only shop take carries them. they said maybe two more weeks since they only get one c9 and one .380 and they sell within one or two days of arriving.

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    yea the shop I always buy from- I called this am and he told me he only had the one and said he would hold it till I got up to get it,one of the perks of doin bus. with them always- plus they always give extras or a good price- sometimes both, so I drove right over.
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    All the local dealers here are sold out and backordered. I guess it is back to the gun show this weekend to see if I can locate another 995 and a couple c9s.
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    Yea I left a standing order for two more c9s ,the wife and one of the daughters want one--they are going to call when they get them in, but due to the backorder are not sure when it will be
  6. There's a place here in Dallas that has them almost all the time. They may not have every model but they always have something.
    I've got all handguns there but they never have the carbines. I had to get my 995 at a gunshow.
    I sure wish they would get the new stock out!
  7. The last one I saw was at the pawn shop and it was used. Haven't seen a new Hi-Point in about 6 months.
  8. The pawn shop I deal with usually has the pistols in stock...most of the time. They only order like 2 of each caliber. Two weeks ago they had two 380's, one 9, one 40 S&W and one 45. They only have one carbine and it hangs up on the wall. It is new not a pawn or trade in. I have been thinking very seriously of having it put in layaway.

    Man I wish the government would get on the ball and send out those stimulous checks.
  9. went today to the gun shop no c9 just a .380. :(
  10. The local gun shop here in Nashville has a C9, .40 and a .45 in their display case.

    I could hear them calling my name. :cry:
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    It took me forever to get my C9, even had one of the gun shops (a good gun shop IMHO) take my name and phone # to call me when he got 1 in, but I ended up buying a used one, heck, there's no shame in buying a used firearm, especially one with the no questions asked warranty... It's win/win.
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    Best thing for the economy, buying a US made product.
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    1t that buy a good homeland made =keep zomies away
  14. Bought mine used too. Have not seen a new one at any shops around my area.