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  1. So from what i can tell from the dimensions on the HP site, the difference between the c9 and c9 with a compensator is .5" of the barrel. I assume in that half inch is where the compensator attaches. So, i know i can get a barely used c9 for a decent price, but i would really like the compensator, so would I be better off to just buy a new c9 with a compensator, or call hi point and see how much the longer barrel and compensator would be, and pick up the regular c9. Or am i just being picky and should forget about the compensator, get a good deal, and leave it alone. lol
  2. HP is not currently making C9 Comps, so the options are to find a used one, or to settle for a plain C9. Or contact HP to see if they can provide the parts -- good luck!

  3. Hey, Bill, first off, Welcome to the Forum!
    I have two C-9s, and a 9mm H.P. Comp. and as far as the accuracy goes, they are all pretty much alike-- on somes days, one of them will kick butt, then on other days, one of the other ones will! (Couldn't be the shooter, right? Nah---) The Comp is a little more confortable to shoot, because of the extra weight, but I really can't tell much difference in recoil, among the three. It would be an expensive venture to have the longer barrel installed, (don't think H.P even does that--), it would be much cheaper just to get a new Comp, but I don't know if H.P. even offers them, anymore-- (Suggest checking their Web Site--)
    There are some issues with the Comp, that I have encountered, for instance the Compensator has a tendency to work loose after a while, and you have to retighten it on the barrel, with the Allan wrench they provide, (it is secured by a hollow head Cap Screw).
    I haven't found the Comp to be that much of an advantage over the regular C-9, so I would suggest you pick up the used C-9, if it is a good deal, (I'd estimate around $125. should be about right, price wise, for a used one)
    Let us know how you made out!
    Fred (Honcho).
  4. looks like i'll get the regular c9 then, haha, i want to have my 995 and c9 in a hard case together with a bunch factory 10 round carbine mags, which if i understand correctly will work in the pistol
  5. Kinda what i expected to be the case, the compensator didnt do anything much on my 995, except make it look awseome, lol, But i was after the longer, heavier front of the gun feel(plus i like the look), thank you both.

    My dad is the possible seller of the hi point, so i can hopefully get a good deal :D
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    The 10 round carbine mags will work properly in the C9 if you fashion a sleeve to keep them from moving in the magwell and causing a malfunction. That is the same piece HP molded onto the 10 round pistol mags. You will be much better off getting a bunch of carbine mags and a bunch of pistol mags as they will function right. With a bunch of mags, I would seriously recommend the addition of a UpLULA mag loader, and save your thumbs some grief.
  7. i have got to get one of those loaders, after just a few mags i dont even feel like shooting. So the carbine mags will have problem in the pistol?
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    Has any one had a compensator break while firing? I fired about 8 rounds out of my C9 w/ compensator and when I check the gun out I found out the compensator had a piece broke off.
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    Got before and after pics? Unless the COMP was attached WAY wrong, it had a flaw in casting, or you threw the gun at a rock, there's just no way for that to happen.

    Not calling you out, just asking for some help with figuring out what happened and how.;)
  10. I would have to agree with the fellows. My wife and daughter both hate the compensator. They like a full barrel shroud and that's it. I put a shroud on mine with a compensator. Doesn't bother me but the girls both say it's a hindrance to them and they like the smooth forward picture through the scope or red dot. Wife has a low profile setup with a 10x30 scope and daughter a red dot on hers. I think it doesn't matter to me so much because of the scope I use. I must say that the clean look of my wife's 40 carbine beside of my 40 makes me want to get a full barrel shroud and get rid of the compensator.
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    What the heck? I really have NO clue what that was about, as I have NEVER been able to get a carbine comp to obstruct ANY of my scopes or other optics.

    BTW, this is about the pistols.;)
  12. Didnt say obstruct. Said hindrance. Just a piece of extra metal at the end that they worry about and are always aware of being there. They like the clean look with the scope and red dot. I wont comment again as I seem to be a hindrance. Sorry.
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    No, I just misunderstood, please pardon me for coming on too strong, and keep being part of the conversation.
  14. Thanks man - This quote is the only reason I mentioned the carbine. I was going to mention a broken compensator and have never had one on any of my HP pistols or Carbines. Did have one on my SKS once and it scared the crap out of me. I know - Off subject - But a 7.62x39 ball round hitting a broken compensator makes for a loud noise, sparks, the works. Found the bulk of what was left of the compensator down range in a gnarled mess. My point is - Just be careful. Make sure the compensator is seated to the limit groove and tight. Seems like if you can shoot a few mags through it, make sure it stays tight, you should be OK - be it pistol or carbine. Constant inspection with cleaning after use of course.