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I have a nice German Mauser that just isn't what I want it to be. The bolt is a standard arch so I can mount a scope but they are way too high to get a good cheek weld. I have been tossing around ideas to get a good long range (500 yards or so) weapon out of it, which for me means a good scope. I want to keep my budget under $250 so a decent scout set up will most likely run over that amount, and my gun is already tapped for a mount, so with a good pair of high rise scope mounts and some way to elevate the cheek piece I think I could have a great gun with minimal investment. My idea is to mount something like this to the stock to ensure a good cheek elevation and maintain a solid cheek weld.
adjustable cheek piece for a Mauser long range project need opinions.

Then I found a good pair of Leopold quick release rings, so if there was an issue with the scope I could remove it and the cheek piece and have a functional 100 yard gun (I'm no good beyond that with irons at this point.). I found a nice 3-12 variable power scope for around $150 to complete the package. What do you guys think of this project?
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