Advice on a .25 acp?

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    I'm hopping to get my CC class in the next couple months and I'm thinking about getting a small secondary pistol to keep in my truck in an easily accessible niche. I'm thinking along the lines of a compact .380, but I am attracted to the .25 acp caliber for some reason.

    I realize that there a lot of low quality .25 acp pistols out there and I don't want to get something cheap or unreliable. But, then, I used to think Hi-Points were cheap and unreliable (erroneously, of course) so I don't want to be biased against what might be a really good buy. Does anybody have any suggestions on a reliable .25 acp, a 'diamond in the rough' as it were?

  2. I have owned a couple of Raven .25ACP's and they always worked good for me. Close range pistol though

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    No doubt on the close range. This is for the potential "somebody has aggressively reached into my driver side window and I need to hastily shoot them in the face" scenario and the like.

    I'll have to Google the Raven brand. Thanks.
  4. Im not sure they make them anymore, but if you can find a used one in good shape it would be worth the money and there are sites where you can buy extra mags and firing pins and such
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    Well, in three minutes of web surfing I've found out that Phoenix Arms now makes the Raven. I actually believe that my local gun dealer (who I try to get all my firearms through) has a couple. I'll have to take a look, tomorrow.

    I'd still like to hear some other opinions, though.
  6. Phoenix no longer makes the Raven style .25 ACP. But theirs is a good one along with their .22 LR pistol. The one manufacturer still making the Raven style .25 is Jimenez Arms. Check in Milton, Fl. for a great price on one. ($110) Or for $120 get the JA380.
  7. I've owned a couple of Ravens. They work well, despite what you'll hear. However, I'd never carry one loaded because the safety tends to rub to the 'off' position in a pocket or a cheap holster; not good in a striker-fired pistol. The ammo for these is expensive, I prefer .22lr because you can shoot a lot for little money, but rimfire has a reputation for occasional misfires.

    My minimum-size pistol is a Kel-Tec P3AT. It is actually smaller than my Beretta 21A or my Taurus PT-22, both 22lr but also available in .25 cal. The .380 is also lighter in weight and thinner in cross-section. I never carry any .25s or .22s

    If you're looking for something really cheap, the Raven fits the bill. But consider, is your life worth a couple of hundred bucks? You'll be much safer, and feel so, if you step up to a higher-quality, and perhaps more powerful, handgun.

    No matter what your choice, welcome to the CCW family, we need all the members we can get!
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    Well, like I said, I'm asking around because I don't have a lot of experience with smaller caliber, small frame pistols. This would be a secondary gun that would stay in the car at all times, and as such would be for extreme close range use and have to be handy.

    I love my full frame Armscor .45, but I don't know how fast I could get it unholstered from a confined sitting position (ie, behind the wheel in my Durango). I have a friend (my local gun dealer, actually) who keeps a tiny .380 in his sun visor. I could easily see blowing my...uh...lap off the first time I went of over a decent bump with a set up like that, though.

    It's a lot to think about. I'm gonna have to consider a normal carry gun, too. I have that full frame 1911, but that's a lot of steel in carry around and keep comfortable all day.

    Tangent: I'm surprised nobody makes a scaled down version of the 1911 chambered in .25 acp, especially considering John Browning created it. Sentimental romantics with more money than common sense like myself would surely buy it.
  9. I think Taurus and Beretta still make decent .25acp's, otherwise the used market is where you will find one. Not sure I would go with anything other than one of these two brands because finding spare parts for now discontinued inexpensive pocket pistols may not be worth the effort.

  10. If you can find one, the FIE Titan .25ACP has been very reliable for me.

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    If you are going to keep something in your truck get a truck safe. (Bolt it in the truck) They really dont cost a bunch and they can keep your gun out of some kids hands. Then DO NOT WASTE TIME ON A 25! Some might not like I have said that. A 25 is just to small it's numbers do not cut it.

    If you are going to leave this gun in your truck nothing better then the C9 for that.....

    If you are looking to use this gun as your CCW as well there are a lot of good small guns out there for not a ton of money. This fall we bought a like new used Taurus 357 snubby for $170. I put 200 rounds through it today for the first time (158gr WC in 38 ) and it shot really very nice.
  12. I know that you said that you want a 25 acp , but have you thought about a 380 or a 9mm Hi-Point ? A lot more knockdown power and might be cheaper .
  13. I think I'd go with a Hi-Point 9mm for what you're talking about too, (I see no reason at all for the .380 Hi-Point to exist, it's same gun as the 9mm and ammo costs about twice as much.) or if you just want something different maybe a PA-63 (Hungarian "Makarov") in 9x18. The triggers on the PA-63 I understand are a bear to pull however. (I know the PA-63 is not a "real" Makarov. A "real" Makarov cost even more now than a Sigma and is too nice a gun to just knock around in a truck.)

    In your truck the size of the gun won't really matter. If you were talking about carrying it in your pocket, I might say a Raven 25, or even better, but more expensive, a Kel-Tec p3at, or a P32. In that size gun, I'd pick a 22 over the .25 also. CCI mini-mag ammo is about as reliable as most centerfire ammo and a LOT less expensive.
  14. On the topic of a nice little .25 ACP I have to toss in a vote for the Beretta Tom Cat. These are awesome little farts and very fun to shoot.
  15. as far as i'm concerned, too underpowered. I should be getting a raven that belonged to my grandfather soon.

    I'd go for a baretta cougar .380 or hi-point .380.
  16. In any given situation any gun can be under powered. But I think the gun you have in hand is better than the one you don't. Or something like that, lol.
  17. Bout the smallest I know of is the Springfield Armory EMP and that's 9mm. Think it's the smallest 1911 you'll find, and it comes with a hefty price tag as all higher end 1911s do.
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    Well, I'm likely to get a C-9 as a compliment to my 995, anyway, so it may be a moot point.

    Thanks for all the advice.
  19. something is usually better than nothing, but given the option i'd take a .380 over a .25 any day.
  20. Have to agree with that. Along the same lines I'd rather have a 9mm over a .380, a 40S&W over the 9, and so on up the line. I guess I'll just have to settle for one or two of each and then disperse them as well as I can! :lol: